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Important information you need to know when buying a property in Turkey

معلومات تهمك عند شراء عقار في تركيا

Turkey is an attractive center for foreign investors, where there are many investment opportunities. Some investors are interested in working in the trade sector of various kinds, others are heading towards the industrial sector, and the majority of foreign investors are attracted by investment in the field of #real_estate_in_Turkey and in particular the market of #real_estate_in_Istanbul.

Because Istanbul is the capital of tourism and has become a destination for tourists from all over the world, it has been able to capture the hearts of tourists and direct them to #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul on its European and Asian sides to spend their holidays among the charming city.

When you make the decision to buy #properties_in_Istanbul, you must take several steps to facilitate the purchase process and we at Alhuda company for real estate investment and development offer you the most important tips that make your choice of the property successful.

Important Tips:

The successful purchase process starts with the optimal real estate consultancy, through which the goal of purchase (housing, investment) is determined and the consultant offers you the options available according to your request and the budget allocated for the purchase.

The real estate consultancy provides you with an overview of the vital and strategic locations in the city and the best areas for housing and other suitable for investment, where the selection of the site is one of the main reasons that make your choice successful, if the goal of the purchase is to invest you must choose the property in a promising new area, as the prices of its properties are cheap compared to other areas, you pay less than you may pay in a second area, and provide you with high profit return after several years when the region is fully qualified.

If you are looking for #apartments_in_Istanbul to establish an investment that gives you monthly profit return by putting the apartment for rent, you have to focus on vital areas, closest to universities and shopping centers and the availability of rapid transport "Metro, Metrobus" These factors make your rental opportunities for the apartment faster and provide a return with high profitability.

In case you want a guaranteed investment, we recommend that you go to office apartments and shops, as these properties are strategically located in commercial areas, making them more demanded than apartments, and provide a high profit return on a long-term lease. We also recommend you to buy #hotel_apartemnts_in_Istanbul, because the hotel apartments system is fast leasing and most of the construction companies of the complexes with hotel system, give a guarantee of rent for several years with an excellent profit return.

If your purpose of purchasing a property is housing, we recommend that you choose the area away from the congestion and the central and tourist areas, and we recommend you areas like Basaksehir which is characterized by modern urban style and the expansion of green areas, where residential complexes overlooking the valley of Basaksehir and the area is one of the most vital areas as it is well facilitated with Universities, hospitals and shopping malls in addition to transportations which links it to all areas of #Istanbul.

If you love sea views, your destination will be Beylikdüzü, which overlooks the Sea of Marmara from every direction. It is one of the best residential areas for foreigners and locals in Istanbul. As it is an upscale and serviced area and its real estate prices are considered reasonable.