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Important points about obtaining turkish nationality

تعرف على منطقة كايت هانه في إسطنبول

Citizenship by Investment

In order to profit from both the #resident and #citizenship application the applicant must #purchase a real estate worth of 250,000 USD or more and keep it in his/her possess for a period of three years.

The #real_estate can be flat ownership or joint ownership. The important point is to be evaluated for the amount above mentioned.

Now the rule has been changed you can apply for citizenship by investing on #under_construction projects as well.

You can invest on 1 or more then 1 properties; the important point is that you must complete the amount of 250,000 USD.

With the #investment of 250,000 USD you will be able to apply for citizenship together with your family (spouse and children below 18th years).

You can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing on properties like: commercial unites or other type of property except empty lands.

Procedures of applying for Turkish citizenship

1. Applicant must purchase a property within the amount mentioned above.

2. The #property should be appointed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will certify whether the value of the property declared in title deed office is above 250,000 USD or not.

3. An ‘unsellable annotation’ must be attached to the title deed that shows you can’t sell the property for the period of 3 years.

4. Application will be made to all public institution and authorities with the application documents.

5. The process will take 6-9 months to be finalized.

Important matters

250,000 USD doesn’t include the cost of citizenship, title deed, lawyer, and VAT which is KDV.

The amount in the #evaluation_report is considered as the price of the property for the citizenship.

Cost citizenship is not fixed this matter should be discussed with lawyer.

During these 6-9 months you don’t have to stay in #turkey you can travel to your home country until you get the Turkish citizenship.

you can have dual nationality.

If you buy with Turkish Lira, the price written in the evaluation report must be 250.000 USD or over, because the price is calculated according to the currency rate of the buying day.

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