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In one day, wha can you learn abou istanbul

هل ترغب بالدراسة في تركيا؟

In the city of love and peace, the city that not sleep, nations revolved in one after another. Historians talks about, and poetry been written over and over.

Visitors comes to from everywhere, as tourist founded of its beauty and the greatness of its ancient heritage, or investors looking to #buy a property in Istanbul.

A question comes to our minds, is it possible to enjoy Istanbul for only one day?

Unfortunately, one day may not be enough for all of it, details of this city may make you drown, steal your heart with its details, so in the last minutes you will reconsider for staying longer, properly dedicate a full day for each interesting corner.

The very first destination for most of the people would be Taksim, walk in its beautiful streets, where you can get lost between the future and past, in a complex merge between the ancient sites and modern building. When you will reach Istiklal street, and starts taking memorial pictures, then reach shishani area where you will meet Galata tower, the place that will surprises you with the greatness of it.

You may continue your tour to Golden horn area, where you can have you first sight of the seagulls and the sea, follow the small fishing boats, and maybe consider to have a small sea trip to #Uskudar in the Asian side , during this journey , would be nice if you to look to the other side to watch #Topkapi Palace, and #Bosphorus Bridge, another two magical touches of this city.

When you reach the Asian side, set in the side of the side, have a Turkish tea, with a piece of hot “SIMIT” - the local pastry-, maybe share it with the seagulls, which will already be flying around to steal what it can.

Couple meters further in the sea, you will see “The girl tower” stands waiting for Istanbul lovers to visit.

After getting done from Asian tour, it's time to get into the heart of the history, in a quick tour between European Istanbul historical sites (Sultan Ahmet Cami, Aya Sofya, Alfatih Cami). There, you will touch the greatness of the history of those nations used to live there, while mosques will take you away to the Ottoman era.

Next to Sultan Ahmet, you should take a quick walk in “Gul-hane park”, properly take a quick break in it to have a Turkish Kebab with yogurt, and small dessert of Baklava after.

Before the sundown, don’t lose the chance to visit Ortakoy near Bosphorus, set beside the sea, and say goodbye to your only day in this city, with the gold reflection of Marmary sea.

Leaving won't be easy, after falling in love with this city, will enforce you to start looking for #flat_for_sale_in_istanbul. “Should i settle in Asian or European side?”, a question probably about where you should settle in. with great will to take your peace of its heaven, so you can visit it more in your future vacations, and spend more time with the most beautiful ever sites.