Important informations about Konya

Konya in Turkey... a city with a spiritual character

احسن الاماكن السياحية في قونية التركية

Konya, the city of Jalaluddin Rumi, the center of the Anatolia region, and one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey


This city’s historical importance comes from the strategic location that made it the Seljuk capital and turned it today into the stronghold of Islamists and Sufis in Turkey. 


It is also the hometown of the great Sufi scholar Jalaluddin Rumi, one of the most important Turkish philosophers and most prominent thinkers and founders of the Mevlevi Dervish sect, which made Konya a vibrant and impure city whose people are religious and conservative.


Konya is the largest state in Turkey, with a population of more than two million, and is famous for its industrial development and strong economy, its distinctive administrative organization and the cleanliness of its expanding streets with long tracks for bicycles, which made it among the Turkish cities that have the longest bike path in the country.

Konya .. History and origin

The history of Konya dates back to about 7 thousand years BC, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Turkey and even the oldest throughout history, it contains many amazing monuments in its distant past, including the center "Catal Hoyuk", the archaeological site that dates back to 5 thousand years BC and was included in the World Heritage in the list of UNESCO.


Regarding the name of Konya, there are many narratives, the most prominent and most common of which is about two righteous guardians who were turned into birds to flee warriors of the enemies, But after a while, they decided to land on one of the beautiful meadows, and one of them said to the other, "kon ya, Darwish," meaning land here.


Another reason for the naming of Konya is referred to as the Holy Christian imagery "Akon", a word that has changed over time and became "Konya".


The most beautiful tourist places in Konya


Konya has a lot of beautiful tourist places to wander around and the most important of which we mention:

  • Mevlana Museum

The Mevlana Museum, it is considered one of the oldest museums in Turkey as it was built in the borders of 1274 m with an area of ​​18 thousand square meters by the architect Bahr al-Din Tabrizli, while it was opened in the year 1927 i.e. almost a century from now, and the museum bears the name "Mevlana" given it contains the tomb of the Sufi scholar and thinker Jalal al-Din Rumi, who is known among the Turks as "Mevlana", as an affiliation with the Mevlevi Sufi method.

The Mevlana Dome Museum decorated with turquoise in addition to the Jalaluddin Rumi Mausoleum and a mosque contains many types of equipment, clothing, and musical atmospheres that contribute to learning this method, especially with the presence of shrines of people who were loyal to the Mevlevi method in the museum.

  • Aladdin Mosque

Aladdin Mosque or as it is called "the burial of many sultans" who ruled Turkey in the period between 1156 and 1283 AD, was built during the reign of Sultan Masoud I in the year 1116 AD with a length of 71 meters and a width of 56 meters with wooden design and valuable inscriptions.

  • Adalet Park

The garden is a real outlet, which gave the city of Konya a pleasant aesthetic view, extending over an area of ​​102 thousand square meters of greenery and bright colors for about 200 species of plants and flowers.


The park receives thousands of visitors due to the availability of a section for children's games, many restaurants, cafes, and exercise areas for various types of sports.

  • Seljuk Tower

It is not possible to visit Konya without going up and touring the tallest skyscraper in the Anatolian region which is the  "Seljuk Tower" consisting of 42 floors, i.e. within 163 meters of height.


The last two floors of the tower are dedicated to restaurants, where tourists enjoy eating Anatolian delicacies.

  • Lakes "Meke and Beysehir"

Konya is also known as the city of lakes, where tourists can visit Lake Meke, which is located on a volcanic land surrounded by gray and black rocks in a rare view of charming beauty.


For its part, Lake Beysehir is located within a park that is one of the most beautiful parks in Turkey due to its wide and blue nature, which gives it a sea-like view surrounded by the series of Taurus, Sultan and Anamas Mountains.

Konya is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey, as tourists come to it annually specifically to enjoy its fascinating charm and the spirituality of its civilization and the history of its features that give the tourist a combined comfort and tranquility difficult to find in another city other than Konya Turkey.