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Interested in real estate investment in Istanbul?

ما لاتعرفه عن عقارات اسطنبول

Let us guide you with the concepts makes you investment a successful one. The real estate market in Istanbul is one of the most active markets around the world. Attracts the investors to #buy_properties_in_istanbul as one of the successful investments there.

But what makes real estate markets in Istanbul unique!

For many years Istanbul were attracting foreign investors and locals because its strategic location, and the economic heart of turkey. In addition to its large population, another factor provides Wide segment of consumers and labor simultaneously. The fundamental projects done by Turkish government to support the Infrastructure plays a major role too, like third airport in Istanbul and new canal of Istanbul.

If your goal is #invest_in_istanbul_property as another long-term investment with a perfect outcome profit. You must make up your mind after putting into consideration the future of the under developing areas in this city, where prices can reach 25% profit of the starting value of the property. Also, you can choose a location to one of the new and under construction areas, where it has a new infrastructure like project near Istanbul canal. Another price will witness a fast increasing of property values.

Also, if you are looking for a #property_for_sale_in_istanbul where you can get a monthly income from it by renting. you have to focus more about the vital areas, near universities and shopping centers where fast transportation is affordable (metro, metrobus) those factors increase your chances for renting the apartment with a high income.

We also advise our customers in such case about buying #hotel_appartment_in_istanbul, the systematic of hotel apartment more consumed in the markets. Also, most of the complex building from hotel apartment type comes with couple years insurance of excellent profit.

We, in Alhuda for real-estate investment and development provide our customers with over 130 projects in the most active and important areas, where the Infrastructure is new with competitive prices.