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Intrested to learn turkish language!, some details you may need to know

ما الفائدة من الحصول على الجنسية التركية

Turkey the bridge between the east and west, and the compass for all those researchers looking for beauty of nature with fragrant of history, and the destination for investors to buy #Properties_in_istanbul.

Turkey holds many foreign committees in its land, others visiting it from time to another, which makes learning Turkish language a need to facilitate the live of those, so they can manage their daily life matters and deal with local residences.

Turkish language grammar rules consider more easy than English or Arabic language (as another language in the middle east), while Turkish language holds over two thousand word with Arabic language, and five thousand word from French. Which makes the language easier to speaker for French and Arabic speaker.

There are many ways to learn the Turkish language, you can learn from internet through various free apps, which are affordable mostly for free. So, you can increase your library of Turkish words, and later learn how to make full sentences.

To be advised, try more to learn about the common sentences you can use in daily life routine, or try to check about the slang accent native speaker use, some application supports the live conversation with native speakers which highly suggested.

Another way to learn Turkish language is though educational training centre, which mostly free inside turkey for those interested to learn the language. These centres spreads all over turkey, especially in Istanbul since its one of the very common places to be visited first from foreigners, and already holds big numbers of them.

By attending what so called “TOMER”, a certification been approved by Turkish government, in one of turkey universities. Or study Tomer in one of the academies, you can get a certificate that you bypassed the 5 levels of learning Turkish language.

In Tomer you will attend to five tests, one in each level so you can go to the next one.

Whether you are visiting turkey for tourist purposes , or for investing in #Istanbul_Properties, in both will be better if you learn the basics of Turkish language and the common used verses.

We in Alhuda real estate for investment and development, holds a team from English, Arabic, and Turkish speakers. To facilitate the work of our clients, and complete the process of buying #property_in_Istanbul, as soon as possible.