For this reason, you only invest in real estate in Turkey Through real estate companies

For this reason, you only Invest in Real Estate in Turkey Through Real Estate Companies

invest in real estate in Turkey

Ask the experimenter and do not ask the wise person, a popular example that is frequently needed by those who want to own real estate in Turkey. In addition to samples from investors who may come across for inquiries and guidance, the foreign investor will not find better than real estate companies distributed throughout all parts of Turkey “tested” for the sale and purchase transactions of property in Turkey,

Here, he can benefit from the experience of companies that provide free and varied real estate services, legal advice and guidance to choose the best property in Istanbul, Antalya, Trabzon or Bursa, and others ..

Investors themselves in the Turkey Property market are advised that newcomers to real estate investment should go to real estate companies for several reasons, in which we detail:

  • Each real estate company has a database about the various real estate projects and the for sale apartments in Istanbul or Turkey that the investor can view in full in order to expand the space of his options with an in-depth knowledge of the features of the apartments offered for sale, payment methods and other details.
  • The real estate companies accompany the foreign investor from his arrival in Turkey to the purpose of buying the property, as he provides reception services from the airport with the most luxurious cars, as well as reservations in the best and nearest hotels for real estate projects programmed for inspection.
  • Real estate companies provide the foreign investor with a free translation service while looking at properties on field trips or while negotiating with the construction company regarding the price, up to the process of signing the title deed and after-sales services "Electricity, gas, water, furnishing and other connections ...".
  • By virtue of their strong relations with construction companies, real estate companies provide special offers that are impossible for the buyer to obtain by themselves, usually during the start of the construction of a new housing project or on holidays and events.
  • The ability to know the volume of sales in the offered real estate projects and thus make a balance between the various housing complexes in terms of investor demand for them, i.e. knowing the most attractive areas in the Turkish real estate market.
  • Real estate companies provide investors with the opportunity to communicate with former clients and thus to know their satisfaction with their services.
  • Helping the foreign investor by negotiating in his stead with the seller in order to obtain the best prices for the properties that he likes, and here are many real estate companies that were able, by virtue of their experience, to persuade the second party to sell apartments in Istanbul at low prices compared to their design and strategic location.
  • The comprehensiveness of the services provided by real estate companies, as it can provide the investor with pre-services, during and after the sale process, and this provides those who want to own a determined effort throughout the process of buying the property in Turkey.
  • Permanent real estate companies review the real estate statistics in Turkey and all legal amendments that affect the sector and the foreign investor, which makes the latter in the picture regarding any new in the procedures related to the process of buying and selling property in Turkey and the changes that occur from time to time in the market.
  • Real estate companies save the investor time while searching for the appropriate property. When, for example, the buyer goes to search for himself to buy an apartment in Istanbul, the large number of proposals presented to him by the search engines via the Internet makes him go ahead and he may lose the desire to buy at all, but once he directs his request to consultants Real estate company with the required specifications, he will find the answer in a short time and according to what he was looking for completely.
  • Real estate companies that include within its crew include designers and montage experts, photographers with modern equipment and content writers, allowing the investor the opportunity to view real estate projects through their pages on social media sites through the contents and various explanations "texts, pictures and videos" that depend on her professional marketing plan, which is what He makes the buyer wander among the huge real estate projects from his mobile phone.
  • Reliable real estate companies in Turkey have sufficient legal experience in relation to buying and selling transactions through its lawyer staff who follows the real estate investor’s file from the idea to the purpose of ensuring obtaining the title to the property in full.
  • Real estate companies guarantee the foreign investor the safety of property purchase contracts in Turkey, as they are regular companies operating within the framework of Turkish law and are subject to all its clauses as there is no place for fraud.
  • They are a group of reasons that make you as a foreign investor willing to own property in Turkey go to real estate companies as the gateway to successful real estate investment, as the old and large Turkish construction companies rush to contract with real estate companies because of their ability to market and facilitate the procedures of buying and selling their housing projects.

Al Huda, is one of the leading real estate companies in the Turkish market, opens its doors for you to buy your future apartment in Turkey with confidence, comfort and safety.