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Isparta... the flowers haven of Turkey

اسبرطة التركية جنة الورود في العالم

It is located to the south west of #Turkey, and as it is rich with all types of flowers the city of Isparta is known as the “flowers’ haven” and for that it produces 65% of rose essential oils which are an important ingredient in cosmetics and perfumes.

The city of Isparta is on a 9000 km2 space area with population of 448 thousand.

This city is also famous by the cultivation of different kinds of fruits as it has a rich soil by the Mediterranean Sea.

Isparta is an important #touristic_place_in_turkey that attracts a lot of tourists to enjoy its beautiful nature especially during the month of May the season of lily’s harvesting, lilies are considered an important income source for the city’s locals as this flower is cultivated on a space area of 25,000 Acres and for that Turkey is today an important producer of lily’s products in the world.

The harvesting season starts usually at July and ends by August where the whole city become painted with the color purple especially Kuyucak village which makes 80% of Turkey’s total production of lilies.

Isparta also has a lot of other places which attracts the tourists as well such as Davraz Ski center on the #Mediterranean_sea with its caves and hills which are perfect for hiking and skiing lovers.

Important historic monuments are also found in this city, like the archeological museum,

the big mosque “Buyuk Haciler koyu cami” which was built in 1429 AD and Firdevs Pash mosque which was designed by the known Ottoman architecture Mimar Sinan.

In addition to all that isparta is also famous with its beautiful lakes like Gölcük gölü.

If you are thinking of visiting Turkey for a touristic tour or to invest and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or any other Turkish city, you definitely need to see the great city of Isparta.