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Istanbul... 32 million passengers used Istanbul airports in the past 4 months

إسطنبول.. 32مليون مسافر استخدموا مطارات إسطنبول خلال 4شهور

Turkey is considered a gate between east and west, and the favorite haven for tourists from around the world and those who love the nature and #historical_monuments , it’s also an important destination for foreign investors who are interested in the market of #real_estate_in_turkey and who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul.

Travelers from across the world come to Turkey or pass through it for many different reasons, especially #istanbul city with its huge airports, where according to statistics almost 32 million passengers have used Istanbul’s airports in the period between January and April in 2019.

The general directorate of airports’ operations in #Turkey has also mentioned that the number of the travelers who have passed through #istanbul_airports has passed the 31 million in the first four months of the year 2019, where 16,72,543 travelers have used #Ataturk_airport which was closed in march 2019 and it will be transformed into a local park, on the other hand more than 11 million traveler have used #Sabiha_gökçen_airport, and for the new airport #istanbul_new_airport the #biggest_airport_in_the_world it has welcomed more than 4 million traveler since its opening in 7, March, 2019.

These numbers and statistics show how successful the Turkish government plans are in the fields of economy and infrastructure and their development throughout the huge and big projects it is planning to finish by the year 2023.