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Istanbul, a city will always encourage you to visit.

الجسور المعلقة في اسطنبول.. حضارة وجمال

Over two thousand and five hundred years of civilizations and history already been passed on the city of Istanbul, leaving a great ancient heritage behind.

A city where every avenue has at least one historical tail or holding an ancient Delightful memorial. and everywhere you lay sight in this city, you will find a magical mixture between green trees and wide sea accompany you all over the way.

Four Empires passed on this city, Romanian, Byzantine, Latin, and Ottoman one. And in all those centuries Istanbul was Unquestionably as always, the capital.

Istanbul were always a focal point between east and west with a mixture of population shows of the finest artistic picture of peaceful living between different cultures over the centuries. Where you can find Minarets going up high in the very same time you find the church and ancient temples as a living witness of old nations & civilizations already passed on Istanbul where they lived over centuries in peace. Istanbul kept Those historical heritage impeccable, like Aya Sofia, Top kapi palace, The blue mosque, and Galata Tower.

And because Istanbul was always a mixture of communities with different cultures, that makes it a unique example leaving that unique touch almost in every daily life detail, especially Turkish kitchen the one very famous all over the world with its food and delightful recipes.

In Istanbul, you will find almost everything you need in those shops and malls, some will offer a history and the culture of this great city, the other will provide you with the most modern goods with high quality.

One of the most remarkable about this is its nature. Will take you with its beauty, and leave you captured with its love, then push you to spend more time staying in it. properly will steal you from your mother city, so you can enjoy visiting it once or twice per year, so you can have again one of your best holidays. There, you can have your own peace of heaven, by considering to #buy_property_in_istanbul for your own, with a wonderful overview in one of the best avenues, and that’s how you can have your worm apartment in the heart of it, where you can always come back to stay every time you miss this city.