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Istanbul Airport

ما الذي تعرفه عن مدينة بورصه في تركيا

3rd #Airport of Istanbul which is called #Istanbul_Airport opened on 29th of october 2018 its located in Arnavutköy district on the European side of Istanbul. Its the 3rd international airport which is build after #ataturk_airport and #sabiha_gokcen_airport in istanbul, and its planned to become the main international airport in Istanbul.

Its titled as ' The Largest Airport Under One Roof In The World', Istanbul airport is build on land of 76,500,000 m2, that will have 6 runways, 16 taxiways, 165 aircraft jet bridges and 2 terminals spread over 76 square kilometers ( 29 square miles) by 2028. And there will be 2000 flights each day from this #airport. Once the airport construction fully completed #istanbul_airport will offer flights to more than 350 destinations. when all the stages are complete, the airport will reach a capacity of 150 million passengers, this will make it the biggest airport in the world.

The total cost is expected to be approximately 7 billion euro, excluding financing costs. The design of the airport was led by london-based Grimshaw and also by Norway-based Nordic Office Architecture and London studio Haptic.

The 1st stages of the airport consists the main terminals with total passenger capacity of 90 million, which is 1,300,000m2 and the 2nd terminal will be on an area of 170,000m2, and there will be 88 aircraft jet bridges and indoor car parking with capacity of 12,000 vehicles. And there will be 2 runways connected to 8 parallel taxiways to the main terminal which is approximately 4,000,000m2 of apron space, it has 3 blocks, aircraft control tower, terminal for cargos, and general aviation, and many other services like #hospital, #frequent-flyer, #VIP_lounges, #prayer_room, #convention_center, #hotels and etc..

The 2nd stage will have 3rd runway with 3 parallel taxiways to the main terminal, 3rd stage will have separate terminal for passengers with capacity of 30 million which will be on area of 500,000m2 and there will be the 4th stage which add another terminal with capacity of 30 million passengers in an area of 340,000m2, with another runway.

Capacity: 150 million passengers

Runways: 6

Square metres: 76.5 million

Passport control desks: 228

Waiting seats: 20000

Parking spaces: 40,000m2

Gates: 114