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Istanbul Airport got Global Traveler’s international "Special Achievement Award”

غلوبال ترافيلر الأمريكية تمنح مطار إسطنبول جائزة الابتكارات المبهرة

Istanbul’s third and new airport was opened at March of this year and it is now the #biggest_airport_in_the_world, this airport is considered one of the most important infrastructural projects of the #turkish_government which well contributes in developing the country’s economy and make it one of the strongest economies in the world .

Recently and after a short period of its opening #Istanbul_airport has won the Global Traveler’s international Award for Special Achievement,

This Award is given by an American travel and tourism magazine which is the Global Traveler, and where these kinds of awards are usually given based on a vote by the followers of the magazine.

The responsible company of the airport has issued a statement in which it has cleared that this award is considered a “special achievement” for the airport and the company.

The award was handed to the company’s communication manager “GOKHAN ŞENGÜL” during the Awards ceremony which was held in #Los_Angeles in #United_states.

This Award was voted in period between October 2018 and January 2019 where council members of many and big tourism and travel companies have participated in this voting.

It is worth mentioning the fact that #Istanbul_airport has received many international awards for its architectural design, its control tower and social responsibilities projects.

Another fact about Istanbul airport is that it is going to play an important role in increasing the prices of the properties in areas that is around the #airport where the real estate market in Turkey has witnessed a remarkable purchasing movement lately after the opening of the airport especially by foreign investors who want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul.