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Istanbul is willing to finish building its trade center by the year 2022

إسطنبول تكمل بناء مركزها المالي نهاية عام 2022

#Istanbul city is considered the economic capital of Turkey, in which big investments and projects are found. And the #real_estate_market_in_istanbul is the favorite destination for foreign investors who want to buy #apartments_in_istanbul or #buy_villas_in_istanbul that have charming views on the #Bosphorus_strait to live in or to send vacation in them as Istanbul has the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_turkey.

Looking for the importance of this city on the trade field the Turkish government is willing to build a trade center in #Istanbul by the year 2022 with the participation of big construction companies.

The aim of such a project is to increase the government share of #foreign_investments in the world and to increase the local production by the year 2023 as planned.

The #turkish_government is also working to build a strong economic system, as it is going to collect all the economic facilities in #istanbul in order to make it a strong financial base in the world.

Recently the treasury minister had a conference with the minister of environment and other financial officers and contracting companies, to discuss the issue of the trade center in Istanbul.

The treasury minister has also mentioned that the Turkish government is planning to build a proper trade center as soon as possible, he also said that the headquarter of the #stock_in_istanbul will be moved to the trade center as well.

The project of Istanbul trade center was designed in 2009 and it has been developed to become one of the main financial centers in the world.

This project will be built on a 2.5 million m2 space area, 560,000 m2 for offices, 90,000 m2 for shopping markets, 70,000 m2 for hotels, 60,000 m2 for residences and 2000 for the cultural and conferences center.

What worth mentioning as well the fact that Turkey is going to institutionalize the profits that comes from the foreign investments and the capital movements which has rose in the last 15 years as it has succeeded to bring more than 180 billion dollars to the country just from the direct foreign investment.