اسواق اسطنبول

Istanbul considers one of the most beautiful places in the markts , which reflect the civilization of these ancient countries such as  

The Grand Bazaar  

Or the Covered Market has special charm which combining the luster of the East with the originality of the past with the splendor of the present  

Itis located in Ahmad . the Grand Bazaar is one of the most famous and oldest Turkish city . 

The Market offers a range of decorative goods and luxury Eminonu region and is considered the second largest market in the Turkish city of Istanbul, built during the reign of Sultan Murad III in 1597 AD. It contains many shops that sell different types and varieties of spices, natural herbs, nuts, dairy products, cheeses, and famous Turkish sweets such as comfort, haloumi, Turkish morsels, honey and dried fruit. 

Arsta Market  

The market is distinguished by its large number of handicrafts, and is located behind Sultan Sepahi, because it was a place to sell the supplies of soldiers 

 Wednesday Bazaar  

is located in the Al-Fateh area, behind the Al-Fateh Mosque, and the market includes thousands of sellers, merchants and stalls, as it consists of seven main streets as well as seventeen alleyways. 

The copper Eminonu region, and the market includes thousands of clothing stores, household appliances, electrical appliances and mobile phones, and it is  

one of the cheapest and best markets in Istanbul 

The women's market    

known as Al-Fatih Street or Fawzi Pasha Street, is close to the Sultan Muhammed Al-Fatih Mosque, and it is one of the best popular markets in Istanbul, through which wedding dresses can be purchased, as well as enjoying the best popular cafe