Istanbul's picturesque gardens

Istanbul's picturesque gardens

حدائق اسطنبول الخلابة

Turkey is a charming  nature town and the first destination for tourists in the world, it receives tourists in all seasons of the year, and the spring is considered one of the best seasons to visit Turkey if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and visit its charming gardens.

Istanbul is one of the first tourist destinations in Turkey, where you can find archaeological and historical tourist places, popular markets and international brands, natural tourist places with green forests and fragrant flowers in addition to the  beautiful gardens that Istanbul famous with it . Among the most famous of these parks:

Emirgan Park

Amirjan Garden in Istanbul, European, is one of the most famous and oldest parks in Istanbul. Amirjan Park extends about 450 thousand square meters, located in Sariyer area near Istinye Park complex. 

In the Byzantine period, Amirjan Garden was called (Cypress Forest) because Cypress trees covered large areas of it. Amirjan Garden is also famous for its multi-coloured tulips, which are spread all over the garden, and for which a festival is held annually. Tulip flowers in the spring form a unique artistic painting which giving the garden glamorous beauty 

 There are also different types of trees in the garden, such as rice trees, pine trees and camphor, in addition to squirrels that hide inside the trunks of huge trees. 

There are two beautiful  ceramic pools in Amirjan Park, many streams, fountains, and artificial waterfalls, as well as a lake in which ducks swim.

Gulhane Park

Gulhane Park is located in Istanbul, European city, in Sultanahmet area, near the most important historical places in Istanbul such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Aya Sofia Museum, Archeology Museum and Topkapi Palace which was part of it.

Gulhane Garden was in the era of the Ottoman Empire just for the Sultan and his family and dignitaries, as it gave them wonderful views of fragrant grassy areas with the most beautiful flowers scattered in it , in addition to that Gulhana Park enjoys charming views of the Bosphorus.

 In  Gulhane Garden  there is tree branches with its hanging branches, as if they embrace each other ,which  providing shadows on hot days. 

There are also many types of birds that you can listen to their beautiful, sounds, in addition to the colourful butterflies that give life and energy, and there are a group of statues in the garden yards, such as the statue of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish state.

Yildiz Park

Yildiz Park located in the city of Istanbul on the European side in the Besiktas region, overlooking the Bosphorus and near the Yildiz Palace

Yildiz Park was belonging to Yildiz Palace, built by Sultan Abdul Hamid II, where he was fond of building and coordinating gardens, the park was built around the palace with the coordination of engineers, architects and farmers, where they placed water fountains and artificial rivers in addition to lakes and planted trees and flowers.

Yildiz Park includes trees, flowers and plants collected from all over the world, you cannot find it in any place, such as pine trees, fir, Chinese parachute, American Kazama, and Laurel. Such as pine trees, fir, Chinese canopy , American lavender  , Ajami berries, and laurel.

Also, inside the park are beautiful fountains, waterfalls and a small lake in which many fish swim in addition to ducks, geese and other water birds.

 Florya Park

Florya Park in European Istanbul is one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul, located in the Florya area

Florya Park is distinguished by its wide green area and its distinguished location on the shore of the Sea of Marmara, where it combines the beauty of nature with its fragrant flowers with the magic of the sea and its sparkling waters, in addition to a children's play area.

Floria garden contains various types of plants and trees and there is a lake in which ducks and geese swim in it ,  there is near Floria park, a city of games (lunapark).

The Zoo

Istanbul Zoo or Farooq Yalgin Park, located in the city of Istanbul in the Asian section of the Darja area,

The zoo in the Asian Istanbul city, is one of the largest and most beautiful zoos in the world. In the park there are about 150 different types of animals where you can see lions, tigers, bears, foxes, wolves, elephants, deer and giraffes.


  There are also about 120 different types of birds such as falcons, eagles, peacocks and parrots. In addition to reptiles such as turtles and crocodiles.