The transports prices & the water bills’ values are reduced

Istanbul... the transports prices and the water bills’ values are reduced

إسطنبول.. تخفيض أسعار المواصلات وفواتير المياه

As the last municipal elections have ended recently, the new elected are rushing to carry out their promises to the people who had elected them.

And in order to do that the new elected council of #Istanbul_metropolitan_municipality has stated that a pack of decisions to reduce the cost of some public services well be carried out, as the AK party has suggested this May.

Istanbul Municipality has confirmed that the reduction will cover the sectors of transport and water services in the whole city of #Istanbul, and as suggested the reduction will be by 46% for household water bills, and 10% for the business sector, where every individual has the right to consume 2,5m3 (500liters) of water for free every month, and this kind of decisions comes in the campaign that #Istanbul_metropolitan_municipality has launched which’s slogan is “Right to Water”.

In addition to the water bills the transports price values have also been reduced for students to become 40 Tl for the monthly subscription after it was 85 Tl, and this decision came in the #turkish_government plan to help the students and Facilite the education in Turkey in general especially that students in all levels get a special transport card with a discount.

In the same matter it is worth mentioning that the government makes the transports for free for the people in the holydays and special occasions, especially as big cities like #Istanbul witnesses a big attendance of foreign tourists in holidays seasons to enjoy the special atmosphere of these times in the most #beautiful_touristic_places_in_turkey, also for investors these times are considered a good opportunity to invest in the market of #real_estate_in_turkey and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or any other Turkish city while enjoying their vacation in the holidays season in Turkey.