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Koca Mimar Sinan a history of Islamic Architectual Art

المعماري سنان آغا.. تاريخ من الإبداع في فن العمارة الاسلامية

Koca Mimar Sinan was born in Anatolia to a Christian family, but he converted to Islam in his early twenties and joined the Ottoman Army in eastern Europe and Persia.

He was the most famous and the head Architecte in the periods of the Sultans: Selim the first, Suliman the first and Murad the second.

He has traveled a lot with the Army to different places and passed seas and mountains from #Anatolia through #Italy to the central Europe, and from Azerbaijan to #Bagdad and Asia, these many travels gave him an extensive knowledge and hundreds of thoughts about architecting especially when he was introduced to the Arabic architectural style in #Damascus, #Aleppo and #Cairo.

With many years of creative work Mimar Sinan has proved his importance as an architect and for that he was promoted to become the Ottoman Empire’s head architect.

The art works of Mimar Sinan can be found all over the world in many different cities like: Khusruwiyah mosque in Aleppo, Juma-Jami in Yevpatoria, Tekkiye mosque in Damascus, Suliman sultan schools in #Mecca, Banya Bashi in #Sofia, Mustafa Pasha mosque in #Budapest, Mohammed Pasha Palace in #Sarajevo.

Mimar Sinan made sure to develop the architectural style of the mosques, so he designed them to be more open and bigger in order to make them more comfortable for the worshipers.

With all that work he became the Ottoman Empire’s architecture, the head of the architecting team and the instructor of the next generations.

At the age of 100 years Mimar Sinan passed away leaving a legacy of more than 365 architectural art works, with more than 90 mosque, 55 school, hospitals, bridges, palaces and Turkish bathes.

Today you can see his magnificent art works in different Turkish cities especially at Istanbul which has the most #important_touristic_sites_in_turkey and the world, in addition to being the most attracting point for investors who are looking for #apartments_in_istanbul in both Asian and European sides, where its historical palaces and mosques make it more valuable and a perfect place for #real_estate_investment.

Even if Koca Mimar Sinan is gone but his marks are immortal and they are still there today as witnesses of one of the most gifted architectures in the world.