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Let's get introduced to Van city in Turkey

تعرف على مدينة وان التركية

To the East of Anatolia on the lake side, between the green hills lays the Turkish city of Van.

This city is known as one of many #Important_touristic_sites_in_the_world as it has a charming nature and a number of archeological and historic sites and monuments which attracts tourists every year, and of which we mention:

Van lake:

which is considered the biggest alkaline lake in the world and one of the biggest lakes in Turkey as well, and it is 5 km away from Van city surrounded by volcanic mountains, where scientific researches shows that this lake was formed as a result to the eruption of Mount Nemrut. The lake’s space is 3712 km, and its depth is 450 m.

The Island of Akhtamar:

The lake contains four islands but the most famous of them is the Island of Akhtamar which extends on 500m space area and in which the famous Holy Cross church the island’s most important attraction is found, this island can be reached from Van by the touristic boats.

The citadel of Van:

This citadel is 3000 years old and it’s what’s left of the ruins of the ancient city of Urartu, it was built on the western hill 5 km away from Van city. The castle also contains the graves of some important historical individuals, a place for worshipping and a capturing view on the lake which is considered as one of the most #important_touristic_sites_in_turkey.

Another thing that the city of Van is famous for is the rare species of cats it has which comes with white fur and unique yellowish blue eyes, and in order to protect these special creatures a whole house was opened for them in one of “Yuzuncu Yil” University sections, this cat house gives the opportunity for cat lovers to visit it and play with Van’s unique cats.

If you want to visit Turkey whether to spend your vacation or to invest and #buy_apartments_in_istanbul or any other city in Turkey, make some time to visit the city of Van to enjoy its beautiful lake and get introduced to its historical monuments.