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Let's get to know about the Istanbul Ice Museum

تعرف معنا على متحف الثلج في اسطنبول

When you visit the city of #Istanbul in Turkey for the first time, you will be impressed by the beauty of its nature and its unique attractions.

Wherever you look around, you will be lift charmed with the sea accompanying you in every direction, no matter how long your vacation will be it would never be enough for you to discover Istanbul's great sights.

Between natural places and archaeological sites, the ancient city provides you with a lot of entertainment places to spend special times.

We take you today through a virtual tour, highlighting the Istanbul ice museum one of the most #beautiful_tourist_places_in_Istanbul, which we recommend you visit with family and friends.


The Ice Museum in Istanbul, a world of magical fantasy, made of ice by the most skilled sculptors to break and exceed the standards of creativity.

The Ice Museum was established in Istanbul in 2010 as the first museum of its kind in the city and was built on an area of 1400 square meters at a cost of about $ 20 million.

About 70 tons of ice were brought from the Torne River region of Sweden to make museum halls, and100 tons of ice were transported from Istanbul to make the museum walls, corridors and exhibits inside.

The museum's stunning paintings and sculptures are designed with the help of designers and sculptors who participated in sculpting the sculptures at the Snow Hotel in Sweden.

Things to do in the Istanbul ice museum:

Ice Museum is located within the “Forum Istanbul" shopping center in the Bayrampasa area in European Istanbul and is considered one of the most #important_tourist_places_in_Istanbul

When you visit the museum, your tour begins with wearing an Inuit suit to prevent coldness.

At the entrance of the museum you find an ice tunnel that connects you to the magnificent sections of the museum, to begin the journey to discover the history and cultures of peoples who lived in the land of ice. In front of you there are paintings written on ice that accurately tell about the people of the Vikings.

The museum takes you to a cool polar atmosphere, where the temperature inside the museum reaches is 5 degrees below zero.

Start by exploring the sculptures section that familiarizes you with Scandinavian nature, and as you move into the other hall, the museum offers its visitors cups of iced fruit juice to continue their tour in a fun atmosphere among the museum's ice corridors.

The museum also includes a number of boats made of ice, each length of about 8 meters, in addition to a large collection of figures and ice exhibits dazzling

You'll spend many hours strolling through the magnificent halls of the Ice Museum, and don't forget to take commemorative photos to share with your friends on social media.

When you end your journey through the ice age, we recommend that you take a break in one of the cafes of the "Forum Istanbul" mall for a cup of hot tea or you can do some shopping int it as well.

It is worth mentioning as well the fact that the Istanbul Ice Museum opens its doors for visitors once every three months in order to keep the museum exhibits from melting. Visit times start from 10 am to 10 pm and the entrance fee is 20 TL for adults and 15 TL for children.

If you are willing to visit Turkey this year for tourism and recreation, or for investment and if you want to #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul, we recommend you visit the Istanbul Ice Museum to live a pleasant experience and discover the mysteries of the ice age.