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Let's get to know Beylerbeyi Palace in Istanbul

تعرف على مقر السلاطين قصر بيلار بيه في إسطنبول

On the shore of #Bosporus_strait on the Asian side of #Istanbul city lays one of the most beautiful Ottoman palaces’, “Beylerbeyi” Palace.

This palace is located in “Uskudar” facing “Ortakoy” mosque on the European side of the city, and it is considered one of the most #beautiful_touristic_sites_in_istanbul.

The palace was built in the period between 1861_1876 by the order of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz, where it was used as a resort for the Sultans and their families and a host house for important people like the rulers of other countries.

Beylerbeyi palace is characterized with its unique design from the inside out where the European architectural style meets the Ottoman style in the most charming way.

The palace’s garden is decorated with trees, flowers, statues and water pools. On the outside of the palace you can also find many cabins like the yellow and the horse's’ cabins.

The inside of the palace consists of 26 rooms, 6 halls and bathrooms, and from which we mention the Selamlik, Haremlik “the women’s section”, the dining room, reception hall, Blue Salon, and the water pool’s lounge.

Beylerbeyi palace today is not only a historical palace but also a museum that opens its doors for tourists from all around the world, where a lot of valuable exhibits are found like paintings and statues.

If you are willing to visit Turkey anytime soon whether as a tourist or as an investor who is interested in #real_estate_in_turkey and wants to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul , you need to visit Beylerbeyi palace in Istanbul and get to know this amazing monument.