Let's get to know Zeytinburnu in Istanbul Turkey

Let's get to know Zeytinburnu in Istanbul Turkey

تعرف على منطقة زيتن بورنو في إسطنبول

Being well introduced to the city of  Istanbul and to all its regions and neighborhoods is so important for those who are thinking about getting an apartment or any kind of property in it.

And we at Alhuda company for real estate investment and development would like to introduce you with one of the most significant neighborhoods in Istanbul which is Zeytinburnu.

Location of  Zeytinburno

It is located on the European side of  Istanbul city between Fatih from the east, Bakırköy from west, Bayrampaşa from north and the sea of Marmara from the south, this special location makes it a perfect site which attracts investors who want to buy apartments in istanbul.

The reason behind the name of this area which means Olives nose comes from the fact that it used to be a main center of olives cultivation.

Important vital area in Istanbul

Zeytinburnu has always been an important vital area in Istanbul city and that’s because of the many parks and entertainment places that are found in it in addition to the continuous development movement that is carried out by the Turkish government in it and in the whole city in general.

Today it is considered an important trade and economic center thanks to the many big real estate projects that have been instructed in it, these factors have made Zeytinburnu an attracting point for investors who want to buy apartments\ in istanbul, especially after the last amendment on the urkish citizenship law which states that any investor who purchases any property in Turkey with a price value of 250 thousand dollars or more can get the citizenship.

Another feature about Zeytinburnu’s location is the fact that it the main highway of Istanbul city which is E5 highway passes right through the center of it and in addition to the sea view it has these factors also makes it more favorable by investors who are interested in the market of real estate in turkey.

This area is also characterized for containing many important monuments such as the ancient wall of Istanbul, Bakirkoy port in addition to a number of facilities like #universities, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, entertainment facilities and main transportations like the Metro, the Metrobuses and the tramway, which makes it reachable from anywhere in Istanbul.

So, if you want an  apartment in istanbul city with a perfect location, many facilities and a sea view then Zeytinburnu is exactly what you are looking for.