Magic Ice Museum in Istanbul

Magic Ice Museum in Istanbul

متحف الثلج السحري في مدينة اسطنبول

Istanbul is the largest and most famous Turkish city, Istanbul is the first tourism destination in Turkey and all over the world,  where the tourists visit it from all over the world to enjoy its tourist, historical and archaeological sites in addition to its markets, mosques, palaces and its picturesque nature.

Istanbul is characterized by its wonderful museums that tell its history and the civilizations that  has gone through it , one of the most famous museums in the city of Istanbul, the Snow Museum.

The Snow Museum in Istanbul is located in the European section, within the Forum Istanbul shopping centre in Perm Pasha area. The Snow Museum was opened in 2010 and the Snow Museum is considered one of the most important tourist and entertainment  places in Istanbul.

The Snow Museum was established in Istanbul on an area of 1,400 square meters with a value of about 18 million dollars and it is considered the first of its kind in Turkey, its contents of statues, figures and identification panels in addition to furniture and walls made from ice by the skilled craftsmen sculptors in the sculpting  field on the ice

the ice in which the museum was made, it brought about 70 tons from Sweden and 100 tons from Istanbul.

When you enter the Ice Museum, you feel as if you are in the Arctic pole because the temperature in the museum is 5 degrees below zero, so officials present you with a special clothing to protect you from the cold, designated for visitors to the museum called (Eskimo) because it is similar to the clothes worn by the inhabitants of the polar regions

Your journey begins in the Snow Museum through the entrance and it is an ice tunnel whose walls are surrounded by lights of colours reflected on the snow with a wonderful view that leads you to the museum sections to begin your discovery of a frozen world of rare magic imagination. 

The first section of the Snow Museum in Istanbul provides information about the Vikings, who are mighty warriors famous for their ability to walk long distances. They also managed to control large areas of Europe and an explanation of the Scandinavian nature, written on plates made of ice.

The second section of the Snow Museum includes water shows and information about the Scandinavian nature and here you can see sculptures expressing agriculture and handicrafts, in addition to figures of penguins

The third section of the Istanbul Museum offers  to the visitors of the museum a cup of chilled fruit juice to continue their tour in a fun atmosphere.

The Snow Museum also contains a number of boats made of snow with a length of about 8 meters, in addition to a wide variety of exhibited articles, sculptures, and beautiful figures that attract attention and hearts.

The museum also holds many water and entertainment shows.

The museum opens its doors to visitors every three months to save its contents from melting, so we advise you if you are visiting Istanbul to do not  forget the opportunity and go to the Snow Museum and enjoy the fictional world of fantastic sculptures, and remember to take some memorial photos

After completing your visit to the Snow Museum, you can take a tour of the Forum Istanbul Mall, where the Forum Istanbul contains many commercial clothing stores in addition to local brands and international brands

Or you can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the Turkish restaurants or one of the fast food restaurants which spread in the mall.


You can also visit one of the monuments located near the Snow Museum, such as Pierre Loti Hill or Ayoub Sultan Mosque.