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Maiden's Tower (Kız Kulesi) in Istanbul

ماهي مميزات الاستثمار في تركيا؟

There in the middle of the sea close to the Asian side of Istanbul’s city lays the mysterious Maiden’s Tower, facing the shore of Uskudar.

This tower with the many myths that have been made about it became the tourists’ most attracting point from the whole world, as well as for the investors who search for #for_sale_apartments_in_Istanbul that have a view on the Maiden’s Tower.

If you listen to the locals, you’ll hear a lot of myths and stories about this tower, but there’s one theory that has been confirmed by many and became the most told story about the Maiden’s tower, and it says that “there was a king who loved his daughter so much, and in one night he had a nightmare that concerned him in which he saw a snake bit his daughter and killed her. After he woke up and in order to protect his beloved daughter from this cursed destiny, he gave an order to build a tower in the middle of the sea to put his daughter in it, where no snake can reach her. But unfortunately, fate is fate and the poor girl was killed by the poison of a snake that was brought to the tower in a fruit basket.

After this tragedy the Maiden’s Tower was abandoned for many years until 1110 AD where the island was used as a ship station. Then in 1453 AD when Fatih Sultan took over the city of Istanbul it was transformed to a watch tower and its remained as well until 1509 where it was destroyed by the earthquake that hit the city.

In 1832 the Maiden’s Tower was repaired by the permission of the ottoman sultan Mahmoud the second and it was made resistant to the earthquakes.

Today the Maiden’s Tower is considered a valuable historical treasure and one of the most #important_ touristic_places_in_Turkey.

And for foreign investors, the Maiden’s Tower is also considered an attracting point for those who wants to buy #villas_in_istanbul which have a view on the tower and the Bosphorus strait.

The Maiden’s Tower consists of six floors with 23-meter-high, it also contains restaurants and cafés that has a breathtaking view on the Bosphorus.

And to reach the tower you can take a boat from the Uskudar shore and it takes about 10 minutes to get there.

Don't hesitate and go to the Maiden’s Tower and explore the Bosphorus most fascinating mystery.