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New tramway in Istanbul

ترام جديد في إسطنبول

The municipality of #istanbul city has announced that the construction of a new tramway has been completed with latest technology.

And for now, the railway between Alibeykoy and Eminonu is under experimentation.

Hurriyet newspaper has mentioned that the new Tram is going to work with a new electronic system which is being used for the first time in #Turkey.

The tram’s caravans were made in the city of #Bursa in Turkey with high standards and best qualities and those caravans can transfer almost 114 thousand passenger every day.

According to the “Hurriyet” newspaper the most important features of this new Tram that it works with a wireless system, as they are going to get rid of the electronic wires in the streets.

This new tram will move without any noise in the streets of #istanbul city and this is the deference between it and the old tramway.

The newspaper has also mentioned that the responsible of the project of #istanbul new tramway are working really hard to finish it as soon as possible in addition to the fact that the railway will be 10km long and the whole journey will take 35 minutes.

What also worth mentioning that the #turkish_government working significantly to develop the transportations in Turkey, where recently the new Marmaray metro railway was opened in #istanbul which contacts Gebze in the Asian side and Halkalı in the European side.

These projects are within all the infrastructural projects that the #turkish_government is working on, such as #Istanbul_third_airport world's biggest airport which is considered a huge step forward for the development of the #turkish_economy.