Nisantasi: What are the benefits of living in this neighborhood?

Nisantasi: What are the benefits of living in this neighborhood?

نيشانتاشي واحد من أكثر الأحياء الفاخرة في اسطنبول

Nisantasi is an upscale neighborhood in the heart of European İstanbul enveloped by economic and business hubs. 


The neighborhood has earned a decades-long reputation for being the scene for fashion, entertainment, and culture with a unique art nouveau architecture that has a whiff of the 60s classics. 


Today, the streets of Nisantasi are adorned with high-end fashion boutiques and deluxe restaurants, hotels, cafes to be home to the elite brands of the hospitality industry. Although in the heart of the city, the neighborhood is very tranquil and has a distinct warm ambiance


Nisantasi is suitable for residence for small or big families, couples or single individuals, workers or retirees, it has an appeal that caters to any lifestyle. 

Transportation in Nisantasi 


The region has an intricate transportation network that excellently serves the district. There’s the Yenikapi & Haciosman metro line through which you can switch to different means of transportation. There’s also an abundance of public transport buses and private mini buses that can take you anywhere in the city. 

Entertainment & Facilities in Nisantasi 


The neighborhood of Nisantasi is unparalleled in terms of entertainment. World-class restaurants, cafes, and pubs with various activities. Neighboring areas host large malls such as Cevahir Mall which can be easily reached via public buses or a short walk. 


Pangalti which connects Nisantasi to Mecidiyekoy is a road packed with local stores and brands. In other words, Nisantasi can give you the ability to enjoy upscale luxuries as well as the local market within a short distance. 

Education & Health Care in Nisantasi 


The region hosts prestigious universities such as Nisantasi University, Marmara University, Koc University, and ITU University. 

As for healthcare, the region embraces private and state-owned health institutions such as the American Hospital and Nisantasi Hospital. 

Distance to Major Districts 

  • Taksim: 10 minutes 
  • Besiktas: 10 minutes
  • Kadıköy: 25 Minutes
  • Bakırköy: 30 Minutes
  • Levent: 20 Minutes
  • Sariyer: 30 Minutes
  • New Airport: 40 Minutes

Investment in Nisantasi 


Nisantasi will always hold a special value in the city and will remain an upscale market. The facilities and high-end ambiance of the district already make it one of the most expensive in terms of real estate and prices are expected to rapidly rise in the near future. Especially considering it’s proximity to Mecidiyekoy, Levent & Taksim.