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Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul in focus

جامع أورتاكوي في اسطنبول.. ما بين الماضي والحاضر تحت المجهر

The Turkish city of #Istanbul has embraced many ancient civilizations that have left great historical relics. Istanbul has become the first tourist destination for foreign tourists from all over the world.

Because the countries derive their strength from their economy first and from their historical legacy, Istanbul has been able to attract foreign investors who are interested in the Turkish real estate market and want to #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul.

In recent years, the market of #real_estate_in_Istanbul has witnessed a noticeable activity and the tourism sector has made a significant contribution in attracting foreign investors and acquainted them with real estate investment in Istanbul.

Looking for the importance of tourist attractions and their effective impact on investment in various areas in Istanbul, we highlight today the historic Ortakoy Mosque, which is one of the most prominent monuments in Istanbul.

Ortakoy Mosque...the Bosporus’ gem:

Ortakoy Mosque was built by the order of Sultan Abdul Majid to the architect Nicos Balian who studied architecture in France. The mosque was opened for worship for the first time in 1854, and is located directly on the bank of the Bosporus and has a unique view of the Sea of Marmara and the Strait in the famous Ortakoy region, which is administratively affiliated to Besiktas.

The mosque is characterized by its impressive architectural design dominated by the Baroque style, a special architectural style popularized in the construction of palaces in Europe in the seventeenth century.

Ortakoy Mosque was hit by a strong earthquake in 1894, which caused the destruction of some of its sections and was later restored, and in 1984 was also exposed to a large fire and renovated to its beautiful look that we see today and which adds a touch of charm to the banks of the #Bosporus_strait and that’s why it is considered one of the most #beautiful_tourist_places_in_Istanbul, which is intended for tourists interested in discovering the secrets of historical monuments.


The Ortakoy Mosque consists of two main sections, one for worship, and another for the Sultan to pray and rest,

It was called the "Sultan Palace" and was the largest palaces built in the nineteenth century, and the size of the palace is approximately the size of the main mosque.

The mosque is characterized by its large dome covering the main worship section, and the interior of the dome is decorated with beautiful decorations in addition to the outlines.

The mosque includes several paintings in Arabic calligraphy, with the word ALLAH, the name of the Prophet Muhammad and the names of the Caliphs, in addition to the two certificates above the stand. It is worth mentioning as well that the Sultan Abdul Majid wrote these paintings in his own handwriting.

Things to do:

When you go to Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul, we recommend visiting the nearby attractions of the mosque, where the area of the mosque is one of the most #beautiful_tourist_places_in_Istanbul.

You can visit the popular market near the mosque and have the famous kompir potatoes meal at one of the restaurants around the mosque overlooking the #Bosporus_bridge.

We recommend that you continue your tour by visiting the Dolmabahce historical palace and Museum, and take a pleasant stroll to the Yildiz Park in Besiktas.

If you are going to visit Turkey this year for tourism and recreation or for investment and want to #buy_apartments_in_Istanbul we recommend visiting the historic Ortakoy Mosque to discover the secrets of the history of the original Ottoman architectural art and do not forget to take beautiful memorial photos and share them with your friends via social media.