Owning properties in Istanbul at commercial centers:

Owning properties in Istanbul at commercial centers:

تملك العقارات في اسطنبول

In light of the noticeable trend by foreign investors towards Turkey as an excellent location and fertile land for establishing businesses, companies and investments that guarantee good and stable profits, given that Turkey has a large consumer base from inside and outside the country

In addition, Turkey, as a government, pursued a smart policy in which the doors were opened and paved the way for foreign investment and followed a policy of mutual benefit, as every investment of any kind contributes to the country's renaissance and the stability of its economy.

And Turkey's real estate market was the biggest winner in this deal between the Turkish government and foreign investors, so we found several laws that made it easier for foreigners to own and buy real estate in Turkey.

Being the economic capital of the country, Istanbul has harvested the lion's share of foreign investment in real estate in Turkey.

In general, any region in the city of Istanbul can be considered a good site for a successful real estate investment as long as conditions are met that begin with a study of the type of project that the person intends to establish with all its details, identifying the groups consumed or targeted in relation to him and what is the best marketing method to reach them,

One of the important things for the investor also to think well of my object is choosing the best site for a successful and stable investment in Istanbul real estate market.

In this context, we will discuss in this article the matter of real estate ownership in Istanbul in business and commercial centers

Among the most important ones we mention:


Besiktas region is located on the European side of Istanbul, and the region is the second center of the city after Taksim neighborhood and it is one of the most vital neighborhoods in the city and an important center for both tourism, housing, trade and business, because of its location that mediates both Ortakoy and Kabatas and do not forget its views on the Bosphorus

What distinguishes Besiktas is that it is one of the most important high-end areas in Istanbul, as it is intended for the wealthy and businessmen in order to own and purchase properties, apartments and villas in Istanbul with the aim of investing or living in it, and this matter despite the high prices of properties in it, as the profits That you might gain from investing in it makes it tolerable.


Maslak is located in the north of European Istanbul and is one of the areas adjacent to the Bosphorus strait. Maslak is adjacent to the most important areas and vital centers in the city, especially of historical and touristic importance such as Sariyer, Taksim, Sisli and others,

This distinctive geographical location in the city, in addition to the region’s historical importance, has made Maslak today one of the first commercial and business centers in Istanbul, where today it embraces the most important major commercial, real estate and infrastructure projects as well.

That, in addition to providing essential services essentially, this makes it today a site for the most important real estate projects in Istanbul and a good center for real estate investment.


The Levent neighborhood is located in Besiktas municipality in the European section of Istanbul on the E-80 highway and the Levent region is the leading commercial and business center in Istanbul so we find that today it houses the headquarters of the most important Turkish and international companies and is one of the modern, luxurious and safe neighborhoods, and it is full of commercial centers and hotels. Close to the highway and metro station, as it overlooks the east on the Bosporus, and to the south is close to Taksim.

It is a neighborhood serviced by all forms of service facilities in a large way, so it is considered a suitable location for huge real estate investments and high profits, especially given the high real estate prices in it


Sisli is located in the center of Istanbul in the European section and it was an important vital center since the Ottoman era. Sisli has many advantages that made it the first trade and business center in Istanbul, the most important of which is its average location in the city and close to all important areas such as Maslak, Levent, Fatih, Taksim and others

It is also the region with the most diverse demography ever, as it is the residence of various people of different nationalities, beliefs and sects.

In addition, the most important commercial neighborhoods in the city belong to Sisli municipality, which is a glorious neighborhood that has the strongest transportation network in the city.

It also includes a number of important services, including entertainment, such as Trump Towers, Cevahir Mall, and a number of world-class hotels.

The good thing about Sisli properties is the wide field of choice, as its large extension and being one of the oldest neighborhoods in Istanbul makes the range of real estate prices and types in them wide, thus the availability of all types of real estate investment, which are almost commensurate with most budgets and investments.

Basin Express:

Many areas in Istanbul were revived in the last period by the Turkish government, which worked to develop several neighborhoods in the city to become one of the most important centers in it today. Perhaps the Basin Express Road is one of the most regions where this development appeared and came in a significant and significant fruit in it to become today the trade center and the second business in Istanbul.

It has also become important because it possesses the necessary ingredients for this purpose, as the Basin Express Road is located at the intersection of the city's two main highways, the TEM and E-5 roads.

In addition, Basin Express mediates the most important vital centers in the city, such as Avcilar, Beylikduzu and Bayrampasa. It has many high-end hotels and shopping malls, such as the Outlet Power 212 Shopping Center

The real estate prices in Istanbul in this region are medium and reasonable, and today it is the seat of a number of important real estate projects, so it is a smart choice for investment in real estate in Turkey.