Pay a little money and buy the best property

Pay a little money and buy the best property

buy the best property

You are about to buy a property in Turkey, but your budget is limited!

You have the money to buy the property but prefer to save a little from it for the apartment fixtures!

And you who read this article have another different story, which is the search for a profitable real estate deal at the lowest prices in Turkey, this charming country by its nature, history, location and construction.


How to get there?

If the investor pays a large amount of his financial assets in order to buy a property in Turkey, this means that he must take reliable steps to avoid any debts that may fall on him, which he cannot afford in the future. According to real estate experts, the source of financing the property is the most important point for the investor to take care of. While purchasing a property in Istanbul or Turkey in general, here he should take into consideration the following:

  • Choosing the right method of financing for the purchase of the property, whether with personal financing, i.e. the amount is ready within your financial assets and offered at once or through a mortgage, i.e. by resorting to borrowing from a bank and paying in installments where in this case the apartment or house is considered to be subject to the bank until payment All payments incurred by you or thirdly, that you purchase the property under construction in installments according to specific times between you as an investor and the construction company.
  • Buying a property with less debt and additional costs is a successful investment, so experts advise to avoid the issue of mortgage with an alternative to buying in installments.
  • Many believe that buying a property with personal financing is the best way to get rid of the extra burdens, not to mention direct obtaining of the property without waiting, but it must be noted that this method requires a stable financial balance that is spent once and is suitable for the property that is intended for investment and reap monthly and annual returns Later not for the purpose of housing and settling in it.
  • Many investors go to the third method of financing the property, which is the purchase by installments of the properties under construction as it is more popular and currently popular in Turkey, whether by the Turks themselves or foreign investors, and here we must pay attention to the issue of installments dates so that they can be paid in the allotted time without obstacles so as not to It accumulates later on the investor and enters the stage of default and the inability to pay debts.
  • A good balance must be made between the financial balance and the available property options by focusing on the basic preferences in terms of area, location, views, etc.


How can the investor pay all installments without accumulating?

Like what we mentioned above, the enthusiasm for the idea of paying the property value on time limits or in installments may be greater than accurately calculating all aspects, so the investor will later fall into the problem of default on payments and accumulated debts. To avoid this, Al Huda Real Estate company advises you to:

  • Make your agreement with the construction company based on principles that suit your financial ability to pay, i.e. ensure that the repayment amount is ready on the agreed date and agreed upon.
  • Try to pay a large down payment initially so that the monthly installments are lower, and thus making the payments is comfortable.
  • Try to agree differentiated payment dates so that you have the ability to pay it without any pressure on the time factor.
  • If the money is available, try to pay the remaining installments in one payment to benefit from the discounts offered by many construction companies in Turkey.
  • Try to deal with construction companies through reliable real estate companies in order to benefit from the advantages of strong and successful relationships that link them, especially in terms of payment.


How to snap up real estate market discounts?

What is certain is that the concerns of a foreigner who wants to invest in real estate in Turkey distracts him from daily and accurate follow-up to new sales and discounts that affect real estate project offers.

Below is Al Huda Real Estate company offers some advice to investors who want to save their money by grabbing the most profitable real estate sale

  • You should buy the property in the first days of the project's launch as the prices of apartments are very cheap compared to the last stages of construction
  • Pay your installments at once and save you the equivalent of 15 percent of the property's total price
  • Buy the property immediately after the construction company has finished building the housing complex, as the more real estate offers the more the price of the property decreases by virtue of the principle of competitiveness.
  • Participate in real estate exhibitions organized by the Turks, where housing projects are offered with great discounts and here you may find your suitable apartment.

Choosing the right property at a low price is an opportunity that deserves a great effort from you, which Al Huda Real Estate company may provide for you in case you choose your way to buy the property in Turkey.