Princesses Islands

Princesses Islands

جزر الاميرات وجهة السياح المفضلة

Turkey is known in general and the city of Istanbul in particular for the  historical, cultural and civilized places, as it has a long history through time due to the passage of many civilizations in it.

 In addition to the natural tourist places that are famous for their picturesque nature, wonderful scenery and golden beaches, in addition to their appropriate climate for tourism at all times of the year.

Therefore, Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular are considered the first tourism destination in the world, and one of the main destinations for tourists from all over the world, and on the historical and tourist places in Istanbul, Princess Islands.  

Princess Islands are located in the Sea of Marmara in the city of Istanbul in Turkey, about an hour away from the center of Istanbul and you can go to it through one of the sea ports such as the Kabatach sea port or the El Aminino port by riding on a ship and enjoy a pleasant cruise in Marmara Sea where the fresh air and sparkling sea water .

Princess Islands consists of several islands, some of which are large and the majority of it  are small ,its dating back to the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. It is an important tourist and historical places.

 As for its name, the novels differ, and one of the narratives says that its name belongs to the Byzantine princesses who were expelled to it during the Byzantine era.

One of the narratives says that the name belongs to the deposed princes and kings and members of the royal family who are exiled to by the Byzantine emperors and then executed.

It is also narrations that the Byzantine Emperor Justin II built a palace for himself on the largest of the islands and made from them place  to reside in them, so he became called the Prince Islands, and then developed in our time and became called Princes Islands or Princesses.

It is also widespread tales that these islands were a special summer resort for the queens and princesses of the Ottoman Empire, as they enjoyed calm and were far from the center of Istanbul. 

 Princess Islands consists of about nine islands, four of which are large, which are open islands for tourism and five small islands where these islands together are a wonderful natural chain in the Sea of Marmara, and the most famous princess islands:

Buyukada Island

Buyukada Island is the largest island among the princesses island  in the Sea of Marmara, with an area of about 5.4 square kilometers. The commercial center occupies a small part of it, while the remaining part is spread in it forests and trees in addition to many houses owned by wealthy people,

At the top of the island of Buyukada is the Aya yorgi Church, a sixth century monastery, and the Hamidiye Mosque, built by Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

There is calm throughout the island, as it is a quiet island and a suitable place to relax, as spread in it restaurants, cafes and shops 

Heybeliada Island

Heybeliada, which is the second island after Buyuk Ada, which is the most active island, especially in the winter season, because there is in it   many schools, sanatoriums, hotels, and high schools, as well as a religious school.

There is also the Naval Academy, which contains a small church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, in addition to two small museums.

Heybeli Island was considered a tourist resort during the Ottoman era due to the spread of green forests and pine trees in it.

It also has sandy beaches, water sports club and many parks.

KinaliAda Island

The island of Kenali Ada, which means (the island of Henna), and its name came from its reddish colour due to the exploration of iron and copper.

It is the smallest island of princesses, where beautiful summer houses and beautiful sandy beaches are scattered, and there is a water sports club.

There is also a prison monastery built by the Byzantine Emperor Romanus IV.

Also, from the islands:

Borjazada Island

Shell Island

Yaslada Island

Severada Island

Casak Island

Tavasan Island