10 Facts to choose the right apartment for sale in turkey

10 Facts to choose the right property for sale in turkey

10 Facts to choose the right apartment for sale in turkey

Choosing the right property for sale in Turkey is not an easy task. There are many facts you should know about turkish property. For these reasons, Alhuda real estate provides you 10 facts to choose from the best properties in Turkey.

It is not easy for any foreigner to choose the apartment of his dreams in Turkey. So, he should be accompanied by a reliable and expert real estate company in Turkey.

Table of content

  • A suitable geographic location
  • Apartment view
  • Legal status of the property
  • Well developed infrastructure
  • Quality of materials and installations
  • Distribution of rooms
  • Earthquake resistant structures
  • Humidity and ventilation
  • Turkish property prices 
  • Neighborhood

What Are The Best Tips to Buy Property for Sale in Turkey?

There are many tips that the investor  can be based on to buy an apartment in Turkey.

The ten tips that we will detail constitute the most important good specifications for a successful real estate investment in Turkey.

1- A Suitable Geographic Location

The most important thing you should consider when buying property in Istanbul Turkey is choosing the right location. The choice depends on the type of real estate investment.

It is important to conduct thorough research before making a decision. There is no misdoubt that geography influences local culture, so think about the lifestyle you would like to live.

Take into study transportations, malls, average home prices and job opportunities in a particular area.

2-  Apartment View

If you want to buy a property for sale in Turkey in 2021, focus on that the project has parks, playgrounds for children, and other entertainment spaces.

On the other hand, the reputation of the place where you buy a property for sale in Turkey 2021 is also of great importance, as if the apartment is in a quiet and elegant neighbourhood.

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3- Legal Status of The Property for Sale in Turkey

You have to make sure that the seller is the real owner of the apartment you want to buy. 

Another thing that there is no owner or other buyer through a copy of the title deed. 

Ensure that the department's information in the document is identical to the information in the real estate registry. 

You also have to verify that the apartment sold is offered for sale by inspecting the apartment.

You also have to make sure that there are no reservation signs or restrictions on the apartment you want to buy. For example, mortgage signs that prevent the sale of the apartment. Here you must review the Land Registry Directorate to ensure the safety of the apartment.

And it would help if you verified that there are no taxes on the apartment. Also, what type of property is residential or commercial. If it is commercial, you must ensure the conversion procedure to residential property. 

Finally, you have to follow the process of registration. Be sure that your name is in the Land Registry Department.

4- Well Developed Infrastructure

When buying property for sale in Turkey, it is critical to check the infrastructure in the neighborhood. Before renting a Turkish property, determine whether basic yet necessary infrastructure is available.

  • Is the location well- connected by roadway or train networks?
  • Is there sufficient water supply in the area?
  • Are amenities such as street lighting, telephone and internet connectivity, and recreational parks easily available?

For example, the real estate prices doubled as soon as the new airport opened in the Arnavutkoy area.

Another example is the Basaksehir area. The apartment prices doubled once the medical city came into service.

5- Quality of Materials and Installations

You have to check with the construction company about the quality of the materials used. 

You must inspect its maintenance, repairs, and improvements. 

Focus on ensuring that the windows, doors, and the kitchen are of high quality materials. So, that they do not cause you real problems later or cost extra repairs.

You must ensure the quality of electrical ,sanitary, heating and gas installations.

6- Distribution of Rooms

You have to consider how the rooms are distributed inside the apartment, villa, or house. 

You should pay attention to how well the rooms are distributed. For example, the salon is close to the main door to receive and bid farewell to guests. But,the children's room should be far, with a wide corridor and not narrow.

7- Earthquake Resistant Structures

All construction companies in Turkey take into account the earthquake resistance characteristic.

All modern residential complexes in Turkey have an earthquake-resistant structure.

8- Humidity and Ventilation of Property for Sale in Turkey

While buying apartments for sale in Turkey, check humidity, ventilation, and lighting. You should pay attention to these three basic points before purchasing your property.

We all endeavor to keep our homes as dry as possible. Humidity generates mold, dampness, and condensation on our windows, and it is universally despised.

In general, humidity increases in the ground floors or basements but the ventilation is good. 

9- Turkish Property prices 

You also have to know the best and most appropriate time to buy a Turkish property. In this case, you should follow up on real estate indicators and statistics.

Besides, do the right real estate appraisal process. It guarantees you to buy a property for sale in Turkey 2021 at its real price.

In general, the prices in Turkey are suitable for all types of investors.  You can find a property in Istanbul for 60 thousand US dollars. Also you can buy it with a million dollars, which is due to the location, features, and specifications.

10- Neighborhood

When you're looking for a spot, make sure to check out the surrounding area. Check to see if the neighborhood is suitable for children. Before you become too involved in the house-buying process, keep the following in mind. 

Investigate the area at various hours of the day and night. Also,  attempt to meet some of the neighbors to learn more about the facilities and people that live in the area.