Own a property beside the wealthy of ŞİŞLİ

Property in Turkey.. Own a property beside the wealthy of ŞİŞLİ

لمذا عليك شراء عقار في منطقة شيشلي التركية

If you are searching for a luxurious life, in luxurious neighborhoods, and with high-end services then, ŞİŞLİ is what you are searching for, the jewel of luxury in European Istanbul, this distinctive city with its attractive homes, unique homes and wonderful real estate that attracts many Turks and foreigners, and recently it has become a major destination for the Arab community  in Istanbul.

On what basis did ŞİŞLİ become a first choice for housing and investment for a large number of those wishing to own property in Turkey?

ŞİŞLİ, which is located in the European side of Istanbul, is among the thirty most vital areas in the most important economic district in Turkey, due to its privileged location at the exit of the Bosphorus Bridge linking European and Asian Istanbul, as well as the famous and touristic Taksim Square with distinction.

The history of ŞİŞLİ

ŞİŞLİ, which lies on a geographic area of ​​35 square kilometers, dates back to 3 centuries ago, at that time it was just an area of ​​cemeteries almost empty of the population except for some houses scattered here and there.  New buildings appear in Mecidiyeköy which was just an agricultural area full of fields and kindergarten.

Sisli’s reputation was further enhanced after the founder of the new republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, owned a house in the region, which has now turned into a museum called the “Ataturk House”.

Today, the face of Sisli has completely changed and its name is associated with high-rise real estate, high towers, modern villas, homes designed with the best engineering designs, as well as politicians, artists, businessmen and famous personalities who chose Sisli among other Istanbul neighborhoods to live and settle in.

Sisli had a population of about 400,000, according to statistics from 2018.

A visitor to Sisli, distinguished by its three religious buildings, as you can find mosques for Muslims, churches for Christians, and synagogues for the Jews in an image that reflects the coexistence and great tolerance among the residents who live in it.

ŞİŞLİ properties ... countless advantages

if you are thinking about buying property in Istanbul in ŞİŞLİ , Turkey, this means that you have achieved the most important transaction in your life as an investor or as a desire to live for many reasons, including:

  • The strategic geographic location of ŞİŞLİ, which is only 2 km from the famous Taksim Square, and being like the aforementioned, lies near the European exit of the Bosphorus Bridge, giving part of its properties a wonderful view.
  • ŞİŞLİ is considered a commercial, tourist and residential center at the same time, as in the middle of it located the famous Mecidiyeköy Square, which is known for its great turnout by visitors annually.
  • A strong transportation network that varies between the fastest means of transporting the metrobus and the metro and the many bus lines that connect it to all areas of Istanbul, in addition to providing them with taxis at all times.
  • ŞİŞLİ has many attractions and monuments such as the Military Museum, Ataturk House, the ancient ŞİŞLİ Mosque and the old cemetery.
  • ŞİŞLİ is a commercial moguls par excellence as it includes the largest shopping centers in Istanbul and the most famous in the world like Cevahir Mall.
  • The presence of many fine restaurants and cafes, but the best of all in Istanbul, in addition to a series of luxurious hotels with excellent classification internationally.
  • Many recreational facilities such as parks, Ali Sami football stadium, cinemas, theaters and auditoriums for local and international exhibitions.
  • Several university colleges and local and international educational schools.
  • Advanced health centers and government and private hospitals.
  • Many high-end residential projects with high prices, especially residential complexes, given the importance of the place and its charming views.

Buying a property in Istanbul in  ŞİŞLİ is considered one of the best options ever, according to experts in the real estate market. Owning for the purpose of housing guarantees you a unique life among the most famous and the wealthy people in Turkey.  The most expensive property in Turkey in Istanbul with a guarantee of a steady rise in rental properties, whether residential or commercial.