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Property ownership for forign in turkey

التعديلات على قرارات تملك الأجنبي للعقارات

The Turkish government has made a lot of amendments on the laws that are related to the property ownership for foreign, where it has lifted the ban of some nationalities which weren’t allowed to purchase or own a property in Turkey before, it has also made a lot of facilities for foreign investors in the matters of purchasing and owning properties in general.

The government has also issued an amendment on the #turkish_citizenship obtaining law by purchasing a property in the country and that’s by decreasing the required amount to become 250 thousand dollars only.

Foreign are also allowed to own a property in any of the Turkish cities, and we advise our customers who are interested in #real_estate_in_turkey to choose the city of #Istanbul as it is the capital of economy, tourism and culture in the country and in which all the factors of a successful investment can be found.