Qatar & Turkey planning to build the biggest touristic city | Al Huda

Qatar and Turkey... are planning to build the biggest touristic city in the world

قطر وتركيا.. خطة لإنشاء أكبر مدينة سياحية في العالم

In cooperation with Qatar, Turkey has announced a plan to build the world’s biggest touristic city, which is planned to be located in Turkey and to have a capacity of 30 million person.

The Qatari newspaper “Al Sharq” has mentioned that the partnership agreement was concluded between the Qatari holding company “Tanmiyat” and the international company “Sarvas” for #real_estate_investment_in_turkey ,

It has also cleared that this plan is the first step for the project of building the #biggest_touristic_city_in_the_world which is going to be constructed in a special location in one of the #turkish_coastal_cities.

The newspaper has mentioned as well that the #turkish_ambassador_in_qatar has attended the signing ceremony with a lot of investors and business men.

According to the initial plan of the project the space area of the city is 6 million m2 , it is also expected to attract almost 30 million tourist.

This project will be the first international project and a center of cultural communication among the peoples.

It will also contain the Qatari village which is going to show the renaissance march and the heritage civilization in Qatar.

According to the project sponsors this project will has the biggest center for conferences, global summits, economic exhibitions and cultural festivals.

In addition to the fact that this project is the biggest of its kind in the matters of real estate investments and the market of #real_estate_in_turkey, and will contribute in achieving a remarkable movement to attract foreign investments to #turkey, in order for it to become one of the most attended destination by the foreign investors who are interested in #real_estate_in_turkey.