Important advice about buying a ready property in Turkey

Pros and cons of buying a ready property in Turkey

ايجابيات و سلبيات العقارات الجاهزة

Many foreign investors agree on the positives of buying a property in Turkey, but they disagree about the most appropriate type and details of the property, so the choosing step is the most difficult, both for the buyer himself or for the real estate company that sponsors the procedures for the foreigners who want to own a property in Turkey.


And like the aforementioned, when it comes to choosing the appropriate type of property, opinions vary between those who search for cheap apartments in Istanbul, those looking for luxury villas, those who search for ownership high-end areas like  Maslak, and those who think about buying property in Istanbul in an area with a sea view like florya for example.


However, the most difficult choice, according to the experts of Alhuda real estate company in Turkey, is between buying a property under construction or a ready-made property?


Although many go to properties under construction, others prefer to buy ready property in Turkey for several reasons.


In this article, we will try to find out the pros and cons of buying ready properties in Istanbul and offer advice on the best real estate type to buy.


Buying ready properties in Turkey .. pros and cons


Many real estate companies in Istanbul, such as Alhuda Real Estate, have permanent offers for ready properties with many features that even those who want to buy properties in Turkey may not even consider that they are available nor important. 


Among the advantages of ready properties is that it includes all complete services such as recreational facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, fitness halls, children's play spaces, and green spaces.


Usually, those who want to buy ready apartments in Turkey find various options regarding the stunning sea and natural views, or alongside shopping centers and business centers.

Another advantage of the ready property is the ability to move immediately to live in it.


One of the most prominent advantages of buying the ready property especially for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship is that the title deed is ready and therefore the investor is not bound to his property through a purchase contract only and remains pending the issuance of the title deed until the completion of the construction works.


One of the disadvantages of buying a ready property is that the negotiation process over the price is difficult because most ready-made real estate owners set the price in advance according to the region in which the property is located and the price level in it.


And always regarding the prices of ready properties in Istanbul or Turkey in general, they are much higher than the prices of the properties under construction, so we find that the ready property is suitable for those who have a larger budget, and those who prefer to pay in cash, which is the option that is preferred by many investors.


Also one of the cons of purchasing a ready property, is that if the investor or the owner of the property is not satisfied by some features like the design or room distribution, it requires making some adjustments and repairs, which cost money, effort, and time.


Important advice about buying a ready property in Turkey


Every foreign investor who wants to buy a ready property in Turkey must make sure that the following points are available or at least viewed:

  • Possession of house or apartment design plans internally and externally by the studies office or the construction company.
  • Possessing a copy of the building permit.
  • Ensuring the integrity of the title deed and the absence of any mortgage on the property or any legal dispute due to inheritance or partnership.
  • Reports about iron and building materials used to construct the property.
  • A building quality assurance certificate authenticated by the concerned departments.
  • Warranty certificate for finishing works.
  • Warranty certificate for waterproofing, kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, cellar, etc.
  • Warranty by elevator operators and pool equipment implementers.

Ready properties in Istanbul or Turkey are among the most provided types of real estate by construction companies and the most popular choice by investors who want to buy property in Turkey, especially those who are in a hurry to use it for housing or investment at the earliest time.