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Real estate evaluation law in Turkey

هل زرت وادي الفراشات في تركيا من قبل؟

Real estate market in Turkey is well known for achieving a yearly high percentage of purchase value.

Which is also a nascent and strong market and for that it is the favorite destination for a lot of foreign and Arab investors.

In addition to that Istanbul which is the economic capital of turkey is also considered the first destination for those who are looking for #apartments_for_sale_in_istanbul.

And for the interests of foreign investor who is interested in #purchasing_property_in_turkey. the Turkish government made sure to enact a law that oblige the presence of a certificated real estate expert from the ownership department to evaluate the real value of the property.

The aim of such a law is to protect the investors of those that may change or try to manipulate the real value of the property when dealing with foreign investors because they are not informed with the real values of properties in general in the country.

The evaluation committee report depends on the property location in the first place where the rice or the value of a property defers according to the regions, and that is because every region has different prices. For example, property prices at #Sisli in #Istanbul which are the highest of all defers from the property prices in #Beylikduzu. The other important points in evaluating a property price is its space, date of construction and its type (commercial, residential).

The real estate evaluation law was enacted in 4 march 2019. Where the department of real estate records which is a part of environment ministry has published a law that oblige the foreign investors who are welling for #purchasing_property_in_turkey. To get a report with the proerty’s real value from the evaluation committee in order to complete the process of purchasing and to register the property to its real owner in the ownership department.

The aim of this law is to protect the investor and to make sure that the purchasing process is being done with honesty. The Evalution report is valid for three months from the date of release.

We at Alhuda company for real estate investment and development makes sure to provide all the needed facilities for its clients who are interested in buying properties and #apartments_in_Istanbul and the other Turkish cities. we are also pleased to provide a special governmental evaluation team featured by its honesty and work accuracy. This team will accompany you to the apartment’s location which you are willing to buy and will provide you with the property’s real price report and make sure that every step of this process will be legal according to the Turkish laws.