Real estate in Turkey ... a vision beyond urban transformation

العقارات في تركيا و التحول الحضري

Since 2012, Turkey has been the locomotive of a huge real estate revolution in a race against time to achieve the desired urban transformation goals of reconstructing old urban buildings and launching new real estate projects that take into account current construction conditions, international quality and all safety measures.


In the following article, we will shed light on the extent of the contribution of Turkish real estate in pushing the revolution in urban transformation and also in building a new Turkey that will attract thousands of those wishing to buy real estate and implement investment projects in various fields.


The plan of the Turkish real estate revolution in Turkey aims to build nearly 8 million new homes by the year 2023. Then moves to later stages through which another 18 million homes will be restored and rehabilitated. Turkey has taken steady steps through the volume of apartments for sale in Turkey or the numbers of foreigners who have come to invest in Turkey or have applied for Turkish citizenship by owning a property and buying apartments for sale in Turkey.

What is Turkey's goal of this real estate revolution?

Turkey, through its real estate revolution, has sought to achieve several goals and core objectives, which we summarize as follows:

  • Fortification Turkey from any damage caused by earthquakes and natural disasters.
  • Providing the country with millions of new housing units, especially modern complexes with integrated services.
  • Rehabilitating nearly 18 million old homes.
  • Attracting the largest number of foreign investors and increasing sales of Istanbul apartments.
  • Attending the most prominent Turkish real estate in international forums and exhibitions.
  • Developing the infrastructure in Turkey and supporting it with more transportation lines, airports, roads, bridges and major facilities.
  • Supporting and strengthening the country's economy within the framework of Turkey's 2023 vision of development and real estate revolution.
  • Strengthening the tourism sector in real estate as it is considered the most active sector in Turkey.
  • Achieve revenue over $ 500 billion by 2023.

Medical cities are at the forefront of Turkey's urban transformation goals

As we mentioned earlier, Turkey has witnessed during the last ten years, a real estate revolution unparalleled in the world, where the percentage of project construction has doubled. Huge cities were established in areas that were until yesterday remote and completely absent from the urban map. 


Turkey has built many medical cities in recent years. And one of the most important of these cities is the medical city of Basaksehir, which is one of the largest medical cities in the world. The percentage of buying apartments for sale in Turkey increased once this type of project was launched, incredibly close to medical areas.


Foreigners who want to buy apartments in Turkey, in turn, are asking primarily about real estate projects close to hospital centres. Turkish construction companies focus on building Istanbul apartments for sale near health buildings and clinics.


And the medical cities, which are spread on its outskirts, have many Istanbul apartments for sale and projects appropriate for how to obtain Turkish citizenship, it has a distinctive infrastructure equipped with the largest number of high-quality and technical beds.


These medical cities offer a range of high-quality services that provide solutions to the most complex health crises.


Turkey has established three medical cities in Turkey, which are Kartal Lotfi Kirdar Medical City, Dr Jamil Tashji Medical City, and Basaksehir Medical City, while the fourth is being built for its launch by the end of this year 2020.

The largest infrastructure projects in Turkey to continue achieving the goals of urban transformation


Istanbul Water Canal


The Istanbul Canal connects the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea, as it will be 45-50 km long, equivalent to 28-31 miles, and a depth of 25 meters, which is about 82 feet.

Istanbul Canal project, described by the Turks as "the project of the era" and "the largest work to be done in the history of the Republic of Turkey"


Akkuyu Nuclear Station


Turkey aims, through its vision, to turn into one of the largest nuclear energy producers in the world, and the nuclear power plant works have been completed by nearly 90%. It is expected that the peaceful nuclear power plant with a capacity of 4800 megabytes, located in the southern city of Mersin, will contribute to Significant reduction in Turkey's dependence on energy imports.


Three smart cities in Turkey


By 2023, there will be three smart cities in Turkey, and they are as follows:

Sakarya, a smart city in the Marmara region in northwestern Turkey.

Kayseri city in the heart of Anatolia.

The city of Gaziantep in the southeast of the country.


Turkish Space Agency


It is a project that was approved by the Turkish government in late 2018 and is expected to be delivered before 2023, ensuring that Turkey has another leap in the field of establishing and developing the knowledge-based economy.


In general, the infrastructure projects that Turkey is working to :

  • Transportation network, by expanding highway and railway lines
  • Building dams and bridges

This type of project helped Turkey to be on the list of the most demanding countries in the world for real estate investment and the purchase of various types of real estate.


Yes, Turkey has turned into the first and most attractive real estate capital in the world, especially after being classified on several occasions and according to many indicators as one of the best cities to live and invest.


This thing has raised the number of foreigners coming to real estate investment in Turkey during the last ten years. It has led to a significant increase in demands for obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property in turkey.