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معلومة عقارية

The real estate market in Turkey is considered one of the best choices for investment, especially #real_estate_market_in_istanbul where reports have pointed that this year was the year of foreign real estate investment for the real estate market in Turkey,

This came thanks to the pack of remarkable facilities which were provided for them by the #turkish_government like giving them the ability for installment payment and the exemption from some taxes, in addition to the amendment of the #turkish_citizenship law for those who buy a property that values 250,000 dollars.

And from the most types of properties which attracts the foreign investor are the office and hotel apartments and that’s because of its guaranteed high returns.

In addition to that these properties are easily put for rent with a long-term contract and that’s because the renter will establish his business in the apartment which means he will stay in it for years in order not to lose his business as his costumers are going to get used to this place as his head quarter.

Alhuda company for real estate investment and development provide to its customers who want to invest in the real estate market in Turkey the best investing choices of offices with hotel apartments system and a guaranteed renting, in addition to stores.

We help you to choose the best strategic and vital location to suit your investment for a guaranteed successful business.