Trabzon properties for sale

The best areas for real estate investment in Trabzon


Tourism in Turkey is no longer limited to Istanbul and Antalya as in recent years, and new destinations have emerged, competing with well-known areas. 

Instead, they have shifted from merely tourist attractions to the top list of selling property in Turkey, where Turkish construction companies are racing to build their housing projects in these places. To attract the most significant number of clients to buy property in Turkey, and among the most important of these areas that have become a tourist and real estate gem at the same time, the charming "Trabzon" city or the Black Sea Bride, as its fans love to call it.


Trabzon is a town renowned for its nature and its history. The city with its mountains is flooded with nature-lovers, each one more beautiful than the other. Between these are in particular Lapazan Highland, Garester Highland, Haldizen Highland, Serah Village and Sekersu Highland. And the most popular among foreigners, especially Arab investors.

Trabzon has a pleasant climate thanks to the mountain that surround it like the Zangaya Mountains on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. It destination for those who want to settle as its population reached more than 800 thousand people with about 600 thousand tourists who come annually to enjoy its scenic views in addition to its historical importance.

The various factors of attraction contributed to the intensity of investors, especially the Arab ones, to Trabzon to buy property in Turkey are:

  • They saw the best available options for ownership, which raised the real estate prices in Turkey.  
  • The growing real estate projects in Trabzon prompted the Turkish government to expand its interest in the region, as it launched several infrastructure and transportation projects that would shorten the time and bring it closer to the rest of the vital provinces. 

In this regard, many roads with new services were built, which enabled access to Trabzon quickly. With minimal effort and time, the local authorities in Trabzon are also working to provide them with huge facilities that rival their counterparts in the developed countries to attract the most significant number of foreign investors who want to buy property in Turkey.

The best areas for real estate investment in Trabzon

The real estate investment figures in Trabzon have witnessed a significant rise, especially by Gulf investors, and the Saudis ranked first as the most foreign nationality in the region. Kuwaitis, Emiratis, and Qataris follow it, then Jordanians. According to statistics published by the Lands and Real Estate Registry in Trabzon in 2018, the Arab Gulf and Middle Eastern nationalities have the highest percentage of buying processes of property in Trabzon. We account for you the most critical areas in which foreigners invested and their most essential characteristics.

  • OrtaHisar

The historical city of Ortahisar is the heartbeat blockade of Trabzon and its vital centre, located on a flat green land bordering the Black Sea coast and on the outskirts of the historic Silk Road and surrounded by the eastern and western sides of the Zaganos Valley and Tabakhane valley.

OrtaHisar is considered the most beautiful parts of Trabzon for the traders who have built on its land since ancient times the most significant shops. Investors find many services and distinguished facilities there such as hospitals, universities, schools and shopping centres, most notably the Forum Trabzon Mall. In addition to the beautiful sea view that characterizes the region and its proximity to the most tourist places in the city such as Uzungol, Sumela Monastery and Sultan Murad Heights.

There are various types of property in Turkey in the Ortahisar area, which range between modern residential complexes and villas with beautiful views of the Black Sea and the mountains.

  • Konaklari

Konaklari, which is attached to the centre of Trabzon, contains extraordinary real estate projects with exceptional designs compatible with the charm of nature. In addition to the presence of various service facilities in the region in addition to essential facilities, especially Trabzon International Airport, which contributed to increasing the demand for buying a property in Turkey.

  • Boztepe

One of the most sought-after and desirable areas for housing by foreigners is Boztepe, which is a high hill in the middle of Trabzon, where the property enjoys panoramic views of the green mountains and the Black Sea Blue.

  • Yomra

The Yomra region is only a few minutes away from Trabzon Airport. It is characterized by its natural beauty and charming views of the valley, sea and mountains, which raised the prices of property in Turkey in this region to double and increased demand by foreigners by a large percentage.

  • Yalincak

Yalincak is one of the most sought-after areas of the Black Sea for housing as it contains many vital facilities such as the College of Sharia and the University of the Black Sea for Technical Sciences and the Legal Hospital for Research and Education and Cevahir Outlet Mall. In addition to its proximity to the coastal highway E-70, which facilitated and accelerated access to the area.


Many experts on the real estate market agree that Trabzon is one of the best ways to live in the arms of nature and a unique architectural style.  Alhuda real estate company provides its customers who want to own property in Trabzon with many real estate projects and offers to buy property in Turkey in this charming area with green nature and blue rivers and sea.