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Real estate investment in Istanbul 2

الاستثمار العقاري في اسطنبول

Istanbul city is considered the economic, cultural and touristic center in Turkey that’s thanks to its strategic location on one of the main straits in the world which contacts two big continents, Europe and Asia and by this it is considered a perfect location for all types of investment in general.

Since the beginning of this decade foreign investors have chosen #Istanbul as their first and favorite destination, especially real estate investors.

Where the real estate market in #Istanbul is considered one of the most active and strongest markets in the world.

In addition to that the #Turkish_government is providing many facilities for foreign investor, like the ability of installment payment and the exemption of some taxes that’s in addition to the #Turkish_citizenship new law which gives the right for investors who buy a property with 250,000 dollars to obtain the citizenship.

Also, in Istanbul real estate investment options are various and many such as the hotel and office apartments which can be found in under construction projects and which gives high profit return.

Properties' prices in Istanbul are so low and convenient if compared to prices in other countries, where you can #buy_apartments_in_istanbul that are built with high standards for much less prices than what you are going to pay for the same apartment if it was in another country.

Alhuda company for real estate investment and development provide you a 150 different project in Istanbul city and they are all built with high standards and in vital centers.