الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا

Turkey is a link between Asia and Europe, and it is one of the most important factors that drive people to invest in it, in addition to its diverse climate and economic development that it witnessed recently.

Turkey has witnessed in the recent period a renaissance in the field of real estate investment significantly, as Knight Frank figures indicate that real estate investment in Turkey has witnessed a growth of 18% and Turkey is the third largest profitable country in the world for real estate buyers

Real estate investments in Turkey are divided into

1. Commercial real estate, which is not intended for housing, such as offices and commercial stores

2. Residential real estate, which is real estate intended for housing, such as homes, villas, apartment complexes, and resorts

The most important factors that motivate you to invest in Turkey

1. The large domestic market, which is a great chance for real estate investment

2. Turkey has a large number of young people as it is considered a young people, as the number of young people constitutes 60% of the total population

3. Taxes in Turkey are not high, as the Turkish government reduced the corporate tax to 20% instead of 32%.

4. It has a decent structure in technology and transportation

to succeed in real estate investment in Turkey in general and the city of Istanbul in particular you must 

1. Collecting complete and comprehensive information about the real estate which want to invested in it 

2. Investing in vital centers that are experiencing intense activity

3. Try to benefit from the owners of expertise and specialization in the real estate field and for investment

4. Make sure that there are no problems on the property you want to invest in

Here are the most important tips for real estate investment in Turkey

1.The first and most important advice is that real estate investment in Turkey be done correctly by finding the right property, such as in a region close to public transport, as schools and parks are located, in addition to its proximity to universities, shopping centers and hospitals, and in this way it will be desirable to rent more than others to its strategic location  

2. The Turkish economy, which has witnessed remarkable growth and growth in the recent period, is another reason that motivates you to invest in Turkey

3. The advanced architectural style that can be seen in the residential complexes, the high towers, which were provided with the advantage of earthquake-proofing systems and insulating glass for sound, in addition to their dependence on the latest security techniques the latest technology.

4 The Turkish state provided many facilities to foreigners as it reduced the taxes imposed on investors to 20%, which is an acceptable percentage than it was 32%. And when compared to European countries, in addition to the Turkish state granting Turkish citizenship in the event of an investment of $ 250,000 dollars by purchasing Real estate on its land, along with the ease of matters of transfer of ownership, as Turkey knows that it is one of the countries that put restrictions and conditions easy to implement for investors, therefore it is considered one of the best countries to invest and attract capital and its environment is encouraging for investors, no matter how large the size of investment

5. Turkey's strategic and distinguished geographical location, as it reaches east to the west and overlooks several seas and straits, making it an economic bridge to all of the world and the importance of its economic, cultural and civilizational position.

6.  if it is your first investment, there are a lot of things that you have to learn. You must search intensively and visit many sites, real estate and real estate companies to gather information. You can also search through your friends and try to focus on several points when choosing the property, such as focusing on its proximity to public transportation and the presence of schools. And gardens in addition to its proximity to shopping centers

7. You have to do a study of the pros and cons of the property that you choose and choose a property located near your residence area where you can collect information about the place ın better way