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Real estate investment in Turkey with the decline of the Turkish lira’s value

الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا مع انخفاض سعر صرف الليرة

The #real_estate_investment_in_turkey has made a big development at the beginning of the year 2018, where the real estate sales profits have made 4 billion dollars and it’s expected to reach 5 billion next year.

In The last 15 years the #turkish_economy has started to increase the economic development rates and that’s by increasing the lending processes and decreasing the profits, which have increased the economic inflation rates.

All of this have contributed in the rise of the #turkish_economy in the last 19 years and put it on the top of the G20 as one of the world's strongest economies.

On the other side this inflation has affected the local currency where the Turkish lira’s value has declined in front of the dollar’s value, but this decline is a positive thing, especially as it has contributed in increasing the exports because the demand on the complementary industries will rise as the prices of the products is going to decrease outside the Turkish local markets.

The demand on these products will increase the pressure on the production process which will cause an economic exhaustion as and raise the currency’s value.

But is the Turkish lira is going to keep decreasing in front of the dollar?

As the Turkish government has used the policy of low profits in the last few years and until now which contributed in the decline of the currency, it is predicted that to stop this decline the government is going to increase these profits, especially after they’ve raised the exporting taxes’ value, which has caused a disorder in the trade balance in general.

On the other side the Turkish government has followed a new policy by raising the production and exporting values and by putting new laws to make the production process easier, which will create a balance in the long term.

What about real estate investment in Turkey?

According to the experts the average outcome of the real estate investment has reached 20% in the developing region in the last three years, and more in other vital areas, and this average will reach 30% in the next three years.

Although these policies are going to affect the Turkish economy and put it under some pressure but on the other hand this will make a good investment return for the #real_estate_market, which has witnessed a remarkable attendance by the foreign investors who also want to #buy_apartments_in_istanbul and other Turkish cities.

What worth mentioning as well the fact that the USA government has increased the tax’s value on some products like iron which has affected the currency and caused the decline of the Turkish lira.