Real estate investment types in Turkey

تتعدد أنواع الاستثمارات العقارية في تركيا

The types of real estate investment vary in Turkey, where some of the foreign investors head to buy #apartments_in_istanbul within under construction projects and wait until the construction is done to resell these properties with 25-30% profits on the original price.

Another party may prefer to #buy_villas_in_istanbul and lands and properties in new developing areas, and in which the #turkish_government new big infrastructure projects are being done like the “New Bosphorus” canal and Istanbul’s third airport the #biggest_airport_in_the_world, because when these kind of huge projects are done in the property's location or close to it then, its price would increase in almost 50%.

Some choose to buy ready properties, and look for the #best_hotel_apartments_in_istanbul which guarantees to its owner a stable high return guaranteed by the constructive company for a couple of years.