Real estate residence in Turkey from another perspective

Real estate residence in Turkey from another perspective

الاقامة العقارية في تركيا كل التفاصيل

Turkey's transformation into the first Arab destination for tourism, stability, living, and buying real estate instead of Europe and America was not arbitrary, yes this Eurasian country has become a destination for those looking to search for a new life even among the Europeans themselves, especially the eastern part, such as Russia and Ukraine, according to the numbers of Turkish immigration directorates annually for the number of arrivals for buying property in Istanbul, Bursa or Antalya.

Figures come in exchange for the great facilities provided by the Turkish state during the recent years for aspiring to reside on its lands, as there are multiple options for multiple types of residency that are issued according to the data provided by the foreigner who wants to stay in Turkey for specific purposes.

And the most sought-after type of residence permit among foreigners in Turkey after tourism residency is the ``real estate residency", which number of applicants has also increased, due to the high demand for buying property in Turkey, which sales have doubled significantly in the last ten years.

We will not leave you more curious about the nature of the real estate residence, its duration, costs, conditions and benefits, as we will show you all about it in detail in the following mentioned:

What is meant by real estate residence in Turkey:

Real estate residence is every residence that is obligatory issued by the Immigration Department to everyone who has purchased a property in Turkey, regardless of the value of the apartment, house or store that he bought and granted to the buyer according to the place of ownership.

Duration of real estate residence in Turkey

The real estate residence period in Turkey is usually estimated between one year and may extend in some cases to two years with the possibility of renewing it annually for the person who remains in possession of the property unlike the tourist residence that has become subject to complications that hinder its easy renewal according to the recent procedures imposed by the Directorate of Security of the Department of Immigration and Foreign Affairs in Turkey.

It is worth noting that the annual renewal of the real estate residency is automatically forfeited once the owner sells his property.

Real estate residence in Turkey and conditions for obtaining it

  • One of the basics for obtaining real estate residency in Turkey is that the foreigner who is buying the property in Turkey allocates it for housing whatever its style and area such as an apartment, house, villa, country house..etc while the price requirement is canceled, where the file of requesting real estate residency is accepted in Turkey, whatever the price of the property, i.e. there is no minimum for real estate prices in Turkey, and it is the same case for the location where you can buy a property in Turkey and obtain residence through it at any point of Turkish soil.

  • That the nationality of the person wishing to obtain the real estate residence in Turkey is not one of the countries prohibited from owning a property in Turkey, which are Syria, Armenia and North Korea.

  • The property should not be located in an area where it is forbidden to reside, similar to the security, historical and military areas.

Who can benefit from the real estate residence in Turkey?

Real estate residence issued after purchasing property in Turkey in addition to the owner of the property is granted to:

  • The wife of the actual owner of the property.
  • Children of the property owner under the age of 18, even if they are the children of more than one wife.
  • The wife loses real estate residence if she divorced her husband, the owner of the property, and she must replace it with a tourist residence granted for six months or a year at the latest.
  • Children over 18 years of age cannot be included in their father’s real estate residence and tourist accommodation is available in front of them initially, or the student’s residence if they complete their study in Turkish universities, or real estate residence after purchasing another property in their name or any other type of residence available in Turkey according to certain conditions .
  • Real estate residence in Turkey is the best way to get a family residence.

Stages of obtaining real estate residence in Turkey

Real estate residence in Turkey is extracted according to the following steps:

  • Buying and registering a property in Turkey with a title deed.

  • Reservation of application date for real estate residence in Turkey through the government electronic system aka, official website.

  • Preparing all required papers for real estate residence in Turkey.

  • Submit the required documents on the appointment date, subject to personal attendance at the Immigration Administration Building

  • Paying the real estate residence fee, "we will discuss it later."

  • Send the real estate residence card via Turkish post after approving the file.


Renewing real estate residency in Turkey requires the same steps. As for the family of the real estate owner, “wife and children under the age of 18,” residency is granted to them in one file with him, provided they all come on the day of the interview.

The documents required for obtaining real estate residency in Turkey

  • Title deed in the name of the property owner or known as "tapu"

  • DASK Seismic Property Insurance Policy.

  • A valid passport for the entire period of residence required for the property owner and his family in the event of a group request.

  • The owner’s statement “The wife and children” is translated into Turkish and authenticated by the Turkish embassy in the home country or by the notary in Turkey.

  • The health insurance policy for the real estate owner and his wife only for the entire period of the required residence and children under 18 years are exempt from this

  •  The property owner and his wife over the age of 65 are exempt from health insurance.

Costs of Real estate residence in Turkey

Like all other types of residency, real estate fees entail fees that the applicant must pay and are distributed as follows:

  • Fees for buying the property according to the value of the property and its area, which ranges from 7 to 9 percent of the property price, in addition to the title deed, earthquake insurance policy, real estate appraisal and energy identity
  • Health insurance fees, the amount of which is paid according to the person’s age and the duration of the insurance, which ranges from 100 TL to 500 TL for one year and increases with the increase in the age of those who wish to insure.
  • Fees for paying the residence file, the value of which varies according to the nationality of the property owner and ranges from 55 to 420 TL.
  • The costs of translation and authentication of documents, which in all cases do not exceed 200 TL per document.
  • The costs of booking the appointment in the event that you have done it through a service office that does not exceed 50 TL.

So, this is real estate residence in Turkey from another perspective: simplicity and clarity.

Through which Alhuda real estate company in Turkey tried to  answer the largest number of questions that arise on the mind of the real estate investor who recently bought a property in Turkey, and who may not know the shortest and most correct way to obtain his legally guaranteed "real estate residence".