Residential complexes in Istanbul

Residential complexes in Istanbul ... When the property serves its residents

Residential complexes in Istanbul

Talking about the modern property is no longer about owning a property for housing only, but those who want to buy are searching in addition to the good design and strategic location, they are looking for "services", i.e. what will be provided by the building in which the investor bought the property from various features and what will save him effort and time?

From here the idea started, how does the property serve its residents? The answer was given by architects, residential complexes in Istanbul, equipped with the finest services and the best ever.

How do modern residential complexes spread across all parts of Istanbul outperform other types of Turkey properties?

What benefits will the buyer gain for an apartment in a modern complex?

And why has the appetite for buying property in Istanbul in the residential complexes has grown so fast in recent years?

All of these questions we will answer in a number of positives and advantages provided by modern housing complexes for those wishing to buy property in Istanbul within them.


The benefits of housing within modern residential complexes in Istanbul

  • The residential complexes in Istanbul are distinguished from the neighborhoods, by surrounding walls, closed doors and private garages.
  • Buying property in Istanbul in modern complexes means buying calm and relaxation away from the noise of cars and streets due to the presence of dividing walls, as mentioned above, to prevent them from mixing with neighboring neighborhoods.
  • Modern residential complexes provide a high level of security and protection as those who want to buy a property in Turkey in istanbul city find a security guard at the entrance to the main gate of the complex through which it is strictly forbidden for strangers to enter the complex without making sure of the owner of the apartment in the event of visiting relatives or friends.
  • The possibility of thieves entering the housing complex.
  • Modern residential complexes in Istanbul have a large number of surveillance cameras and alarms in all corners of the buildings and this is a main factor that attracts people into buying property in Istanbul or owning a property in Turkey in general
  • Reassuring the safety and protection of the apartment in the event of the absence of its owner for a period of time in order to travel or take a vacation.
  • Protect the apartment from entering animals such as cats, dogs, and others.
  • Modern complexes maintain the principle of privacy and independence, given that access to them by foreigners is only through prior permission.
  • Residential compounds have large car parks for all the residents of the complex, usually under the ground floor which is common in Turkey properties.
  • The apartment complexes have wide green spaces and lush gardens that make their inhabitants feel that they live in the arms of nature.
  • The residential complexes in Istanbul provide many services that make the resident in an apartment live a luxury life without effort.
  • The presence of swimming pools, sports halls, football, basketball and tennis courts and sauna pools, electric lifts, mosques, schools, kindergartens, and others.
  • Buying property in Istanbul in residential complexes means that you’ll have beside you cafes, restaurants and shops to shop and buy all the needs without the hassle of moving around.
  • Transport is available in almost all residential complexes in Istanbul, as it is always built near metro, tramway and metro bus stations.
  • The distinguished geographical location of property in Turkey in Istanbul city that are within residential complexes , as it is located in the heart of the vibrant and modern areas of Istanbul, in addition to the majority of them being close to major shopping centers, infrastructure and marine coasts, giving many of them charming views.
  • The stunning interior and exterior design where construction companies in Istanbul are racing against the finest engineering shapes and choosing the finest port materials and decor while ensuring wide spaces for apartments of all kinds.
  • The residential complexes in Istanbul take into account the conditions of modern construction in all its aspects, especially with regard to earthquake resistance and natural disasters.
  • Modern housing complexes provide their residents with comfort and ease their responsibilities compared to those living in separate apartments such as repairs and periodic maintenance for a very small amount paid monthly.
  • Buying property in Istanbul  in a modern residential complex in Istanbul means that you have guaranteed high profitability returns if you consider renting or reselling it.

Finally, it is worth noting that the majority of Al Huda real estate company’s projects are modern residential complexes equipped with luxury services and distinctive geographical locations close to major facilities and most importantly at very reasonable prices and suitable for the budget of all those who want to own a property in Turkey.