Have you ever been to Rize in Turkey?

Have you ever been to Rize in Turkey?

هل قمت بزيارة مدينة ريزا التركية من قبل

Rize is a town in northeastern Turkey. It occupies 41 miles (66 km) east of Trabzon, on the Black Sea.

Greek rule of Riza continued for a long time and was then controlled by the Byzantines until 1080 when the Turkish Seljuks were able to conquer it and annex it to the cities under their control.  

Today we will talk about the beauty of Rize city and the reasons why Arabs are going to buy real estate in Turkey, and about the investment returns to the town and its advantages and other aspects related to this paradise city as its lovers like to launch it.  

Table of content:

  • The geographical location of Rize turkey
  •  The most important tourist areas in Rize turkey
  •  Real estate investment in Riza.

Rize... the best place to invest in real estate

The geographical location of Riza, Turkey 

The northeastern Turkish city of Riza is close to the Turkish-Georgian border, overlooking the Black Sea on its northern side, and is about 1,300 km from Istanbul. 

Rize is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey, where it enjoys the beauty of green nature, and the city is famous for growing tea. Still, it is the first source of tea in Turkey internally and externally to the extent that it was called the "City of Tea."  

The most important tourist areas in Riza

To the eastern side of the Turkish north on the Black Sea coast, the city of Riza shines with its charming nature and breathtaking views that capture hearts and capture the sight, if you visit Turkey. 

You can not wander around the city of Riza. 

You have missed a lot about yourself. Do not miss the opportunity and learn about the most important sights you can visit in Riza if you intend to tourism in Turkey or live in Turkey or buy a property in Turkey with the purpose of real estate investment for example :  

Rize Ayder Plateau


قرية ايدر في مدينة ريزا

 The village of Eider is one of the most beautiful natural places in Riza and is characterized by its extensive green farms and dense forests, dotted with lush trees such as beech and fir. Local and foreign tourists are visiting to enjoy the beauty of its pristine nature and stroll among the gardens and orchards near the Galen Tolo Falls, which originates from the Ider Mountains and flows into the sulphurous baths of the Ayder Valley. 

The village has hot baths for tourists for recreation and healing, and rowers come to them for a ride across the river between Ider Trabzon. 

 14-15 Century castle in Rize, Turkey


castle in Rize Turkey

The castle is located on a hill covered with plants and trees. 

The castle has panoramic views of the green city of Riza where you can enjoy a cup of tea in the café above the court and watch Riza from there. 

A visit to the castle will take you to ancient times and enjoy panoramic views of Riza. 

We recommend that you devote one of your days off to visit the wonderful city of Riza. 

Firtina Valley 


نهر فرتينا داريسي

The river enjoys its pure waters and is spread around its cafes and sports clubs that allow tourists to enjoy different types of sports in the region. Plan to visit Turkey this year for tourism or to invest and buy real estate in Istanbul. You should see the wonderful city of Riza and spend a pleasant holiday there away from the hustle and bustle of life and the noise of the town. 

The Black Sea coast 


black sea in rize turkey

 Its purity and beauty characterize the Black Sea as you can stay at one of Riza hotels and resorts or one of its country houses overlooking the Black Sea coast.  

Galen waterfall

شلالات جالين تولو 

One of the most beautiful waterfalls you've ever seen, stretching across the Eder Mountains among the green trees to form a fantastic painting.  

The Summit of Chagrin Kaya 

If you visit this place, you will live among the clouds and surrounded by white clouds from every direction with a unique view of a piece of paradise. You will enjoy with family and friends a barbecue in the arms of nature. 

The village of Chat

The charming village can be rented and stayed in a low-priced cottage to breathe the outdoors from the depths of nature's refreshing breath.  

The Kackar Mountains Natural Park 

 It is a large and wonderful natural park frequented by the locals of Riza for parties and barbecue sit-ins in the embrace of nature. 

The greenery and the outdoors in the garden open up the appetite and increase the demand for food that is more delicious and pleasant once dipped in the breath of nature refreshing. 

Real estate investment in Riza

A green life and a thoughtful profit  Choosing Riza city to buy real estate in Turkey means choosing to accept life in the most beautiful suit, where lovers of living in Turkey in the arms of nature find their desired refuge.  

Riza properties are suitable for many tastes; it may seem at first glance that they are suitable only for those seeking to live in rural homes only. Still, it is a city that has become a modern housing complex equipped with the best services in addition to infrastructure and roads witnessing generous support from the Turkish state due to the size of tourists who flock to the city annually.  

For those wishing to invest in real estate in Riza, buying a piece of land and building a hotel suitable for rural nature is the best option.

For its part, rural villas with beautiful views of the Black Sea or on the arms of nature is a considered and profitable option whether for living and stability or the purpose of real estate investment and use for seasonal or annual rental, especially for foreigners.  

Concerning real estate prices in Riza, real estate prices in Riza are low compared to other areas overlooking the sea and in the arms of nature in Turkey.  

In recent years, Riza has been hit by a demand for real estate purchases in Turkey, which have become highly sought after by Arab and Gulf investors who are buying villas for sale in Turkey in the Rize region and apartments for sale in Turkey in the same city.  


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