Rumeli Hisar Castle

Rumeli Hisar Castle

قلعة روملي حصار

Rumeli hisar  Castle is historical and archaeological castles in Turkey located in the European  section of Istanbul on the narrowest border between the Anatolian coast and the Rumeli coast overlooking the Bosporus. Rumeli hisar  Castle the most important and most beautiful historical and archaeological monuments of Istanbul and it distinguishes by its walls, high towers and the beauty of its topography in addition to its distinguished location where the castle considers miracle in construction, engineering and timing, it was built in four months

Rumeli hisar Castle receives thousands of Turkish and foreign tourists from all over the world

Rumeli hisar  Castle built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Al-Fatih paving the way for the opening of the city of Constantinople where it was completed within four months on the ruins of a Byzantine church that was demolished and adding its ruins to building materials where the Ottoman Sultan succeeded in his siege of the Byzantines and achieves his control of the Bosphorus Strait and cut off the sea supply routes from the city

Construction supplies were brought  from the Ottoman villages, and Sultan Mehmed Al-Fatih oversaw the construction of the castle , which was constructed by thousands of workers in addition to thousands of assistants. Sultan Mehmed Al-Fatih put multiple sizes of cannons in addition to many soldiers from an elite of the Ottoman army led by Commander Fayrouz Agha  . All ships passing through the Istanbul Canal (the Bosphorus Strait) were stopped and searched, and sums of money were collected from them as transit fees. As for ships that refuse to be ordered to sink

The castle was built under the supervision of the architect, Mosleh Al-Din. Rumeli Hisar Castle consists of three towers and corners, two of it controls the sea, and the other controls land.

The Great Minister Khalil Pasha Gandarli built the polygonal tower on the sea. As for Saruja Pasha, he built a tower that overlooks the village of Hisar. As for Zaganus Muhammed Pasha, he built a tower that overlooks the Bubak neighborhood. These leaders were working with their hands in building to set an example for the workers.

The walls of the castle reach a height of more than 80 meters, the thickness of its walls is more than 20 feet, and the walls of the towers are covered with a layer of cast lead and its thickness reaches more than 30 feet and the most beautiful characteristic of Rumeli hisar Castle , as historical sources said that it was built in the form of the name of the Prophet Muhammad ,peace be upon him, and this was done by order of Sultan Mehmed Al-Fatih

Trees and flowers surrounding the castle, which gives it attractive and very wonderful beauty, where Rumeli hisar  Castle is considered one of the largest and most important forts in the world

When you visit Istanbul, we advise you to visit Rumeli Hisar Castle and learn about its ancient history dating back to the 15th century when it was built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Al-Fatih using building materials from all parts of the Ottoman Empire at that time.


You can enjoy watching the great building and its wonderful towers. There are also terraces designated for soldiers ’sitting and by  ascending the stairs of the ancient castle leading to the top of the castle. You can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea, You can also enjoy with tour on the coast of Bebek facing the castle, located near Rumeli Castle, Amirjan Park of charming nature and scenic views, where you can enjoy a tour in it in addition to wandering in the market next to the castle or enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants located near the castle