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Sakarya .. Sell everything and buy life

Sakarya .. Sell everything and buy life

Among the walls of each of its neighborhoods there is a different face for life, and with a few steps between its alleys the mood changes, the activity is restored and vitality is revived again ..

A city, access to it is never like leaving it, that is, that’s if you wish to leave in the first place, here you wash yourself against your will with the oxygen of virgin nature.

It isSakarya, a city of love and life, calm and tranquility, magic and treatment, it is a paradise on a land that is only suitable to be a heaven and only ..

Yes, Sakarya is the best option for those looking for moments of happiness in the arms of the living nature. This is how the tourists who descend on Sakarya annually from all walks of life and from all nationalities in order to spend the wonderful atmosphere of summer and quiet winter and spend holidays and vacations in comfort after the seasons of study and work. .

Sakarya presents its visitors with a clear mind and an opportunity to reflect on the landscape away from all the concerns and problems that cause daily stresses, especially as it is easy to reach in light of the availability of many means of transportation that allow the region's lovers to reach in a comfortable, effortless manner.

Numerous advantages are hidden by this charming city, whether on the tourism, economic, investment or real estate levels. In recent years, there have been many requests to buy properties  in Sakarya, instead of paying attention to buying property in Istanbul within the various offers of, for sale property in Turkey.

Here we count the most important features of Sakarya, and not other advantages that made it an architectural pole that many people wishing to buy property in Turkey seek:

  • A unique geographical location: where the city of Sakarya was very fortunate to be located in the northwestern Turkey in the famous Marmara region on the outskirts of the Black Sea coast, which gave it a wonderful panoramic view from all sides, features that correspond to the specifications frequently requested by those wishing to buy property in Turkey .
  • Sakarya is close to the vibrant economic capital of Istanbul, Turkey, where they are separated by an hour and a half. In addition, Sakarya is only a few distances away from the other vital cities as it is bordered to the east by Duzce, Kocaeli to the west, Bilecik to the south, and to the north by the Black Sea.
  • Sakarya enjoys mild weather in summer and warm winter due to its impact on the Black Sea coast and Marmara Island, which is the most requested weather by investors, especially the Arabs, who are strongly coming to buy property in Turkey.
  • The historical character of the city, as it includes many monuments that narrate the era of the Ottoman and Byzantine times, including the Justinian Bridge and the Harmantepe Castle, thus turning Sakarya into a destination for hundreds of visitors and tourists annually.
  • Sakarya provides many religious attractions such as the Orhan Mosque, the city's oldest dome, and also the famous Sheikh Muslih al-Din Mosque in the area.
  • Sakarya contains many important and famous areas that are very popular, such as Adapazari and Sapanca, the city of emperors in the Ottoman era due to its location on the famous Silk Road.
  • Sakarya is the point of intersection of many vital roads and railways, which made it an economic city where tourism and agriculture in particular are thriving.
  • It is called Sakarya in the city of the highlands, where it contains more than 60 plateaux that dazzle everyone who visits it, as the visitor finds a mountain flower that opens its shoots especially in the fall in the Tarakli Karagol Plateau.
  • Sakarya also includes a significant number of lakes, such as Lake oglu Park, in addition to rivers, where Sakarya, the third longest river in Turkey, is witnessing a record number of people who love swimming, diving, and picking plants and rare wild herbs.
  • Sakarya provides integrated services and strong infrastructure from hospitals, schools, universities, malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes and cinemas.
  • Sakarya provides to those who have chosen it as a place to live as the best opportunities for ownership and offers of property in Turkey, where their prices are considered the lowest among Turkey properties and are eligible to rise to double during the next few years, once the major economic projects are completed there.