Sanliurfa ... the city of prophets

Sanliurfa ... the city of prophets

شانلي اورفا ...... مدينة الانبياء


Sanliurfa, a Turkish city located in the south of the country, on the Syrian-Turkish border on the banks of the Euphrates River.

 Sanliurfa is one of the largest and oldest historical and ancient Turkish cities.

Many ancient civilizations passed through the city of Sanliurfa, such as the Kingdom of Edessa, the Roman Empire, the Byzantines, the Persians, the Sassanids, then the Muslims, as the city of Sanliurfa was the gateway to Islam entering to Anatolia and finally the Ottomans.

The city of Sanliurfa contains many religious and archaeological monuments in addition to the holy places where it was the seat of a number of prophets, so it was called the city of the prophets.

There are many historical sources that say that the Sanliurfa witnessed the birth of the two prophets, Ibrahim Al-Khalil and Ayoub, peace be upon them, and that the Prophet Jacob, peace be upon him, lived and married there. Also, in the city of Sanliurfa there is the tomb of the Prophet Shuaib.

Due to the multiplicity of civilizations and empires that lived and ruled the city Sanliurfa, therefore the ethnic nationalities multiplied in it, as there were Arab, Kurdish, Turkish, and Circassian.

One of the most important historical and tourist attractions in Sanliurfa:

المعالم التاريخية و الأثرية في مدينة شانلي أورفا

Lake of fish

Fish of Lake in the city Sanliurfa, is considered one of the largest natural fish ponds in the world and one of the most beautiful natural areas where the green trees surrounding the lake, which acquire multiple colours in the autumn to increase the lake beauty,

The lake of fish in the city of Sanliurfa has a religious and historical places , where there is a narration that says that Nimrod tried to throw our prophet Abraham into the fire to burn it, but God Almighty ordered the fire to be cold and peace on our prophet Abraham so the fire turned to this lake.

 There are two famous mosques are located on the shores of the lake (Khalil Rahman Mosque and Radwaniyah Mosque).

Sanliurfa Museum

The Urfa Museum is one of the oldest and largest museums in Turkey, where you can see the history of mankind from the first period until our time through the display of monuments through simulation.

The museum is located near the famous fish lake in the state of Sanliurfa. The museum displays the relics according to their chronological order and the historical era to which they belong, using technological techniques to display hundreds of historical relics that vary between graves, writings, pictures of people and animals carved on the rocks.

The Urfa Museum displays relics dating back to the Stone Age where you can find figures that express primitive hunting methods and how to set fire, in addition to relics dating back to the Neolithic period, the copper age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Islamic era.

Sanliurfa Castle


قلعة شانلي اورفا

Sanli Urfa Castle is one of the oldest and most important historical castles in Turkey, where its construction dates back to ancient times. Sanli Urfa Castle has a wonderful view of the city of Sanli Urfa with its historical and archaeological features.

 Sanli Urfa Castle is considered one of the historical places that witnessed many civilizations and historical events over thousands of years.

Khalil Rahman Mosque

The Khalil Rahman Mosque in  Sanli Urfa in Turkey, it is considered one of the oldest mosques in the city of Sanliurfa, where its history dates back to the year 1300, the Khalil Rahman Mosque is located on the bank of the famous fish lake, the mosque was built by the brother of Salahuddin Al Ayoub .

Urfa City Complex

Urfa City Shopping Mall includes the most famous brands of clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, electronics and other things that you need.