Sapanca and Masukiye the most beautiful rural areas of Istanbul

Sapanca and Masukiye the most beautiful rural areas of Istanbul

سبانجا ومعشوقية اجمل المناطق الريفية في اسطنبول

Turkey, which has a charming nature, diverse climate and ancient history, it is the first tourism centre in the world and the first destination for tourists.  

Istanbul is the first city in Turkey in terms of tourism, trade and investment, it is famous for its historical and archaeological attractions in addition to its charming nature.

The countryside of Istanbul is no less important than the city of Istanbul with its natural and touristic places due to its charming nature and calm atmosphere that most tourists, who are calm lovers, want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the picturesque nature of it that attracts hearts and minds.

The Istanbul countryside includes many beautiful rural villages, the most famous of it , Sapanca which is located in the Sakarya region in the Sea of Marmara region near Lake Sapanca and extends on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Sapanca is considered one of the most famous and important cities in the countryside of Istanbul, it is famous for its charming nature, beautiful atmosphere and clean air.

The most beautiful touristic places in Sapanca

 in addition to many tourist attractions, the most famous of which are:

Sapanca Lake

lack of sapanca

Lake Sapanca in the city of Sapanca is one of the most famous and largest natural lakes in Turkey, Lake Sapanca is located between the Gulf of Izmit and  Adapazari Meadow , with an area of about 45 km and a depth of 52 meters, the waters of Lake Sapanca are clear and fresh water suitable for drinking.

Lake Sapanca is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Sapanca, where many tourists visit it  to enjoy its charming nature and fresh air, which it is surrounded by mountains, green forests and beautiful flowers from every place, that give the place a magical calm, so it is considered the most suitable place for lovers of calm and relaxation.

In Sapanca Lake, you can enjoy a tour of the lake with one of the water boats, where you can see the magical beauty of nature in the middle of the lake. There are also various types of the most beautiful birds in the lake.

The Zoo in Sapanca

The zoo in Sapanca is the largest zoo in Turkey. The zoo includes more than 150 types of animals, including pets such as deer, elephants, camels, giraffes, hippos, kangaroos, raccoons, monkeys, squirrels, rabbits and zebras. There are also predators such as golden lion, foxes, wolves, jackal, brown bears, lions, tigers and leopards, as well as reptiles such as various types of turtles, crocodiles and snakes.

There is also a zoo in Sapanca, aquariums for different types of ornamental fish in addition to many types of birds, and also includes a variety of plants and flowers.

The picnic at Sapanca Zoo is one of the most beautiful picnics for children where children can enjoy watching different types of animals and get to know about it in addition to enjoying a tour in the lake inside the park.

 Masukiye village 


The village of Masukiye  Sapanca is located near Lake Sapanca, one of the most beautiful natural tourist places in Sapanca, famous for its forests and waterfalls, Masukiye meaning in Arabic language (adored) because everyone who visits it must adore it for its charming beauty, picturesque nature, wonderful gardens, and it’s amazing waterfalls, it forms a wonderful artistic painting.

The Masukiye waterfalls are considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, where clear waters flow from it to make their way between the rocks of the green mountains surrounding it, The Masukiye waterfalls includes a group of pets.  

In the arms of the picturesque nature, you can sit back and enjoy its natural scenery and have a delicious meal in one of the restaurants scattered around the waterfalls.

Kartepe mountain

Mount Kartepe is located near Izmit, on the eastern side of Istanbul. 

It overlooks the city of Sapanca and Lake Sapanca, which has a height of about 1650 meters. 

The meaning of kartepe in the Turkish language is the top of the snow. The reason for its name is due to the snow that covers its top.

It has a teleferik that links the top of the mountain to its summit, where you can enjoy snow skiing.

The village of Naturkoy


The Naturkoy Resort in the Mahmudiyah Village in Sapanca is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist places in Sapanca, resort of Naturkoy Embodied nature in the most form of its beauty, where various green trees and beautiful colourful flowers and clear waterfalls poured out among the rocks.


In addition to a large lake in which swimming different types of fish and different types of water birds such as ducks and geese, making very beautiful natural paintings.