مسجد سبانجي او مركز جامع في اضنة

The Spanci Mosque is famous as one of the largest mosques in Turkey, in addition to being one of the largest mosques in the Middle East

It is located in the Turkish city of Adana, on the bank of the Ceyhan River, inside the central park, with a distinctive view and charming nature, and they are considered religious and cultural monuments of the city.

The Spanci Mosque was built in 1988 on land granted by the Municipality of Adana for Endowments. The Spanji family donated half of the costs of the project. Therefore, the mosque was named by its name. As for the other half, it was sponsored by popular donations. The Jamea Center was opened in 1998

The architect Naguib Denich designed the mosque in a distinctive way, with its huge building and its high minarets on the outside, similar to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul and the classic Ottoman style from the inside Similar to the Sulaymaniyah Mosque, there are five domes in the mosque that symbolize the pillars of Islam in addition to forty windows that symbolize the age of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him when he send 

As for the lines and verses of the Qur’anic inscribed on the walls of the mosque, the calligrapher Hussein Kutlu designed and wrote them in Arabic calligraphy in a wonderful artistic way.

You can see the walls of the mosque adorned by the word Majesty, the name of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and Al-Fatihah, and the names of God Almighty in addition to the verse of the Holy and many verses of the Qur'an

The discussion, Samih Arch, designed the motifs and patterns on the tiles in traditional way 

As for the design of the minbar and the mihrab, and  the main door mosque, the craftsman Nihad Kartal designed it in the classic Ottoman style

The mosque is composed of a muezzin room and a forward room in addition to four teaching rooms and many rooms for retreat. There is also a huge public library that provides services for students and researchers and for all groups of people. The mosque is also surrounded by the central garden with a picturesque nature and a charming view that contains many trees and plants designed in the form of animals In the park there are many playgrounds equipped with children's games in addition to a ski playground and ground chess, and there are jogging tracks and bike rides, and there is a dock for river boats and circular terraces for breaks and a fountain in the middle of it. A watercourse surrounded by small fountains at its western end, and pedestrian bridges linking the park sections together

The most important tourist attractions in the city of Adana

Adana is considered one of the rich Turkish cities with its historical atmosphere. It has witnessed many civilizations. Adana has an important place in the history of Ottoman architecture and there are many old Ottoman buildings.

Adana is distinguished by its charming nature and warm atmosphere in winter. There are also many parks and tourist resorts. Therefore, it is the focus of attention of many tourists, in addition to its distinctive kitchen that combines traditional Turkish kitchen and the kitchen of the Middle East region. Adana kebab is considered  one of the most famous foods. Where the turk people consider Adana the capital of kabab , And the most ımportant Tourist attractions in Adana is 

Sabanci Mosque or Mosque Center

The Ceyhan River Bridge is located on the Ceyhan River, a stone bridge in addition to several other bridges, but the stone bridge is the oldest, as it dates back to the Roman era and is considered one of the most important features of the city

The clock tower, which is one of the most prominent features of the city of Adana, dates back to the year 1882, and it is the highest among the clock towers in Turkey.which every correct hour is reached, the sounds of the clock bells are heard throughout the old city.

The central park surrounds the central mosque and is the largest park in the city and one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Adana


The Archaeological Museum is located near the Sabanci Mosque, and it is one of the most important historical places in the city, where it displays the relics of ancient civilizations that inhabited the area, such as Byzantine, Crusader, and others.